5 Facts about Cheating


Flirting is not always so innocent. All too frequently, playing with fire results in cheating, which, in its turn, brings unpleasant outcomes. Ragnar Beer, a famous psychologist from Goettingen, organized a research, interviewing 2600 people of both sexes who cheated on their significant other at least once. The results were shocking: most of the cheating men and women – over 80% to be exact – loved their partners.


1. Playing Around Lasts Longer Than a One Night Stand

The research destroyed the myth of traditional infidelity as a one-night stand. Only 12% of cheating women and 15% of men dared the adventure. The majority were faithful to their infidelity: nearly 60 percent of the respondents admitted their adulterous affair lasted longer than a month, and the rest – longer than half a year.

2. Infidelity to Be Continued…

Having cheated once, people will do again. Only 49% of unfaithful husbands and 55% of unfaithful wives cheated once in a committed relationship. 17% of men cheated on their spouses before entering into a relationship, 12% played the trick twice, and 22% – many a time. Women are keeping pace with men: 20% betrayed their husbands twice, and 10% – three times. 15% cuckolded their spouses more than three times.

3. Reason for Cheating – Suppression of Sexual Desires

Boredom and silence – these are the most common reasons why a partner seeks pleasure outside the marriage. For example, just 31% of cheating wives and 25% of cheating husbands were willing to discuss their sexual desires. By the way, only 27% of female cheaters and 17% of male cheaters knew their partner’s sexual needs.

4. Well-wishers Will Always Reveal Infidelity

A chance, on its own, doesn’t play a small part in disclosing a secret. 44% of deceived men (46% of women) uncovered cheating by themselves.

  • 30% of betrayed men (24% of women) learnt from their partners that adultery took place.
  • Only 3% of men (6% of women) get the third-hand information.
  • 21% of men (19% of women) spotted infidelity by chance.

5. An Infidelity Is Never Forgotten

The hopes that infidelity can be forgiven and forgotten failed.

43% of offended men (61% of offended women) were still not able to forgive their spouses in half a year after the affair became known.
11% of cheated men (20% of women) felt their love turning to hate in half a year after they experienced betrayal.

“It is impossible to get thoughts of infidelity out of head. But they can be prevented,” – doctor Beer claims.

Key to a Happy Marriage

The basis for successful relationship is sexual satisfaction for both partners. Couples should keep a close watch on their sexual needs, discuss problems and desires, and share exactly what they need. Nobody said it would be easy. But it is worth doing if you want your marriage to be happy.


  1. I have read many sites on cheating and dont understand how you all come to these conclusions without even a mention of the cheating spouse who’s sexual life at home is open and discussed and where both parties have been able to experience their fantasies without barrier even going so far as to entering the swinging world for 4 years ( they no longer take part in this world an agreement made by both parties and yes the cheating occurred after this was ended they had only been with 4 couple’s ) , where communication was not a problem concerning money / house hold chores / raising the children and yes including sex and emotion .

    A spouse who shut’s the respondant spouse out emotionally and physically yet claims they are not cheating , all of a sudden decides discussing marriage issue’s is a waste of time , saying I love you is a waste of time except maybe once or twice a month the 2nd usually being after the spouse has cried about it and always with attitude which shows contempt about saying it .

    Where the spouse is not of a highly sexually driven nature yet his female counterpart is ( not that they have sex until he’s ready which frustrates her but she patiently waits until she can wait no more and she doesnt go out and cheat on him because his sex drive is of a low standard to her’s ) ,

    What is the % rate of a spouse like this concerning cheating and why do they do it ? the emotional closeness from the female spouse is still there , her hunger and lust for him after 8 years is higher then it was when they 1st became a couple and when they do have sex it is more then satisfactory for both sides , so why did he cheat ? what was his reason ? I bet you dont have a reason for this which is probably why it’s never mentioned on any site concerning cheating I am guessing .

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  3. Well it is real fact that most of the women of today are the biggest cheaters of them all since they like to sleep around with so many different men all the time unfortunately even if their married as well since so many of us good innocent men have had this happened to us already even though many of us were the very faithful ones right to the very end.

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