Makeup Tips for Red Headed Women


Makeup artists believe that matching makeup to hair and skin color requires special skill. Often enough women with bright hair color are not sure which makeup color to choose. Here are some tips for women with red hair.

Geri Halliwell

3 Shades of red hair

First of all, women with red hair need to determine their shade red. There are three shades of red hair:

  1. light ginger/strawberry blond
  2. medium red/ rust shade/ henna color
  3. dark red/ bright purple

The key makeup advice for redheads

Follow tips for your hair shade once you determine it. However, there is one universal tip for all shades: Red color is already quite bright color for your face and appearance overall. If you want your makeup to look fresh and clean, avoid bright colors, since they can overload your face with color and make it look clownish.

1. Makeup for light–red hair color

Use apricot and peach colors for lips and cheeks. Pink will work too, as well as all shades with gold highlights. Avoid brown and purple shades, since those will make your face too rough. You can use light touches of lavender and silver shades for your eyes.


Alyson Hannigan

2. Makeup for medium-red hair color

Avoid ash and dark-gray shades for eyes. Instead, use warm brown and honey colors. Lighter versions of those shades will also work for cheeks. As for lips, use copper clove with hints of gold.


Marcia Cross

3. Makeup for dark-red hair color

Lucky you, since you can be more daring with makeup! Use plum and emerald shades for eyes. Cheeks and lips can stay natural and light. But, you still have to avoid heavy shades, unless you are following emo or vamp style.


Lindsay Lohan

How to mask freckles

Now, lets talk about freckles. The biggest mistake redheads commonly make is trying to cover freckles with foundation. This can make your skin look plain dirty. All you need is light moisturizing foundation. If you have some large freckles, then you may need a good concealer and a concealer brush. Use them to cover those freckles individually.

Some additional general tips for women with red hair:

  • do not use overly brown foundation;
  • heavy textures are absolutely forbidden, so do not forget to coat your lipstick with lipgloss in order to make illusion of light makeup;
  • do not forget to pay attention to eyebrows, they should be darker than hair, otherwise you need to dye them.

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