Makeup Collection All Ages, All Races, All Sexes from MAC Cosmetics


Makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics believe that language of beauty is universal and is freely understood around the globe. The products featured in the collection called All Ages, All Races, All Sexes will fit practically anyone regardless of their skin color, gender, or age.

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The collection’s key products will become available in January 2010. The collection’s natural colors will simply capture you with their perfection and elegance! Note, that the makeup artists decided to completely abandon mascara in this season.

Makeup MAC Cosmetics

Lipstick will come in four trendy, and yet not very bright colors:

  • Myself Creamy
  • Equality Light
  • Empowered Creamy
  • 5N Plumy

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick

Lip glosses will be available in the following colors:

  • Glamour for All Sheer
  • Spirit & Soul Frosted
  • Liqueur Frosted
  • Naked Frost Sheer

MAC Cosmetics Lip Glosses

Eyeshadow will come in four natural shades:

  • All Races Cool
  • Cross-Cultural Dark
  • Banshee Dirty
  • Showstopper Deep

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Pigments will be available in the following shades:

  • Universal Mix Sparkly
  • Rich Life Dark

MAC Cosmetics Pigments

Powder blush will be presented in two beautiful shades:

  • Personal Style Light
  • All’s Good Cool

MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush

Compact powder will come in medium and dark shades.

MAC Cosmetics Compact

Eyeliner pencils will be available in these four colors:

  • Blonde Pale
  • Dirty Blonde Cool
  • Taupe Mid-tone
  • Black Blackened

MAC Cosmetics Eyeliner

Eyebrow package (long lasting) will include a pencil, a marker, and an eyebrow mascara.

MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow Package

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