Dior Vernis Forget-Me-Not and Perfumed Nail Polishes


New Dior Spring Nail Polishes are not only exceptional in their shades, but they have another advantage – they smell like fresh flowers.

Would you like to have the nail polishes for manicure and pedicure that would smell like lily and lilacs? Dior acts as a fairy and makes your wish come true!

The spring duo of nail polishes from the limited edition includes nail polishes with a luxurious rose aroma in the shades of Forget-Me-Not and Waterlily. Although, it would be better to have the light jade nail polish smell as mint, and the light purple one – as lilac. Perhaps this is the next step in the products of Dior laboratories.

Nail polishes with Dior Vernis fragrances of Forget-Me-Not and Waterlily will go on sale in the Garden Party spring makeup collection. Their price is rather expensive, just as that of all luxury products, and reaches $23 per bottle.