4 Steps to the Perfect Eyeliner

By Britney Valentine


Have you ever wondered how some people have that amazing eyeliner look… You know what I am talking about! And yet when you try to apply eyeliner it ends up looking like a mess or just not how you want it to look? Well, these four steps will help you apply eyeliner in a way that you’ll love.


Step 1) Make Sure You Choose the Correct Eyeliner

So you have to determine your needs and what look you are going for before randomly selecting an eyeliner. Do you want something that is going to stay put all day? Are you going to be sweating and are in a hot climate where having something waterproof is an absolute necessity? Are you going out on a hot date and need something sultry and sexy? Are you going on an interview for a job and simply need something tasteful but that makes your eyes pop enough so you look awake, refreshed and ready to go? Here are the best eyeliners for all types and situations so first make the decision on the best one for you.

Step 2) Make Sure You Have All Your “Tools” Ready

If you are applying a gel liner, make sure you are armed with an eyeliner brush that is thin enough to allow you to apply a precise, controlled line. Any brand is fine as long as it’s a brush designed to apply eyeliner. No matter what type of eyeliner you are applying, make sure you have the right space to apply it. At the very least, have a clean mirror and Q-tips dipped in makeup remover (a clean, refreshing one not a heavy greasy one that is going to damage your entire look). You need this on standby because after you apply the liner, you can customize it to look exactly how you want by using a Q-tip to take away smudges and areas where you made a mistake. For example, did you make a line too heavy? That’s fine. Simply wipe it off. Another tip: use either a business card or a piece of scotch tape under your eye to apply your liner. This prevents you from having a messy eyeliner application. To make sure the piece of scotch tape doesn’t hurt your delicate under eye area, stick it on your hand first to soften the adhesive and then place it directly under your eye.

Step 3) Apply Your Liner Delicately

Less is more. When applying your liner, don’t try to get it right in one sweep. Especially if you’re a beginner or aren’t confident in your ability to apply it well, go slowly. Patience is key. Apply small strokes and make sure not to put on too much eyeliner at once. When you build it up you increase your chances of applying it the way you want to rather than getting it wrong when you’re in a rush. Tip: if you are in a rush and aren’t confident in your ability to apply eyeliner, rather than try to throw some on, apply some mascara quickly instead. It’s a lot easier to throw on a coat of mascara and some lip gloss and be out the door.

Step 4) Practice Makes Perfect

The bottom line is: as you continue to practice putting on eyeliner, you will begin to develop your own little tricks and your own routine. You will find what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s all about trial and error. With practice, you will see that you will get better and better at it.

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