10 Pre-Sex Thoughts That Occur to Men

As a couple comes round to their most intimate moment, making the beast with two backs, they feel more vulnerable than in most other cases. So, one often wonders what the other person has got on his or her mind, because at such a moment he or she is likely to be truthful with themselves.


It goes without saying that their thoughts can be greatly influenced by the events of the day, however, many of them – if we could read them – would show in what light your partner views your relationship. Is he in a hurry to go back to whatever he has been doing or to be in time for his favorite program? As he is looking at you, is he admiring your body or turning over in his head his plans for tomorrow? If you could just hear what he was thinking, you would know exactly how you stand with him.

Anyway, the thoughts that pass through your lover’s head must be joyous and positive to some extent at least, since they can be assumed to expect desire and satisfaction. So, the obvious way, if you keep trying to guess what is going on in his mind, you can simply ask. If you do not get an immediate and sincere reply, you may be heading for trouble. But probably your partner is one of those strong, silent men, who are very difficult to get a word out of. Well then, there are some things you can be sure he will be thinking before jumping into bed with you – see if these ideas are far out or not.

How beautiful she is


You can’t but think this thought as you are nearing the bed – your admiration of and attraction to your partner is a must for a satisfying sex life. In case you think nothing like this, but suppress an inward sigh and a tinge of irritation for having to make love again, you’re in the wrong kind of relationship altogether, and you definitely need to get out of it and look for one where you and your partner’s desires match. Once the thought that she is attractive occurred to you, voice it – your partner’s desire will be heightened as you make her feel she looks great.

I want to last long

Yes, that’s the point when you come out in the open with yourself. So you think your partner is desirable – naturally you want your session to last as long as it is possible. You don’t think of a quick one, neither you want to feel ashamed afterwards lamely explaining why you failed to last. And if it happens and you come sooner than you meant, you will want to rely on your partner understanding and supporting you. The fact that you were earlier than you wanted may be attributed to your partner being so awesomely attractive, and you can easily make her a nice compliment saying that.

Choosing a position

The choice of a suitable position is often a matter of mood. Maybe you and your partner have your own favorite angles and positions that you find most stimulating – or, on the other hand, romantic. At times it is more interesting when you look into each other’s eyes, then you may want to try to do it facing in the same direction. Also, just how energetic do you feel? You may feel like enjoying a soft-and-tender session – or you’re so full of energy that you want to use it all on your partner…

I think I had a shower…


For people who set much store by maintaining hygiene bodily cleanliness is a very important factor of sexual enjoyment. Consequently, when a bedgame is imminent, it sets people wondering if they are all right in this department. You try to remember how long ago you took a shower, what did you do that may have messed up your smell – and then you can begin to ask the same questions concerning your partner. Will a bad smell ruin your pleasure and put you off?

What stuff does she prefer?

Some people may not think about it at all, but all the same, even selfish people are eaten by curiosity. There are so many things to choose from, and, as you go deeper and deeper into your relationship, you communicate more and more, and you get to know such things. But even if you believe you know about her sexual preferences, there’s no harm in asking. You may learn something new; what’s more, the conversation might fire you up and have pleasant consequences.

Is she willing to experiment?

After a while you get to feel more confident about your time in the bedroom, you know how to begin the game, and you have mastered some techniques together. Now comes the time when you start to wonder about trying something new. It doesn’t have to be anything really ground-breaking, just involving some excitement-enhancing elements like blindfold or feathers. So if you know that your partner is into it and has done such things before, you can introduce a couple of your own ideas.

So there is nothing against your suggesting some experimenting to her and see what she will say to that. It is always precarious to assume things, more so when it comes to sexual life, and even more when it’s about experiments. Communicate more – it is, by the way, a wonderful way to bring more heat into your bedroom episodes.

I want to have her now!


One of the most stimulating things is anticipation. As you begin your day and get talking, you can begin hinting at how much you want her, so that when the moment you can be together eventually arrives, the intrigue is running high. The desire to share your feelings with your partner is extremely intent, and she feels happy and appealing to know that you’ve been thinking about the moment of your intimacy for many hours.

I’m lucky to be with such a woman

There’s often a feeling of almost incredible luck and happiness that my girlfriend is with me, it’s a wonder that we met and she fell in love with me… When you have a partner whom you love genuinely, you can’t not have these thoughts running through your mind. Sex, which can bring out all your vulnerability, owing to your partner has become a wonderful set of episodes devoid of any fear but filled with the understanding of being appreciated and needed. This elating emotion makes you keep thinking about your great luck every time you are on the verge of making love to her.

What about protection?


Safe sex remains an important issue, and you need to give a thought, both of you, to whether you have got proper protection before you begin. In case you’re taking to bed somebody you don’t know that well, the issue grows in importance, and you may want to use extra external protection not wanting to rely on STIs solely. You would do well to avoid any situation when your partner attempts to argue you out of the protection you deem necessary.

Do we have enough time?

There are times when this question should be asked – and answered – before you get into play seriously. Really, maybe you are pressed for time and you have to take that into consideration and probably refuse to commit yourself at all? You have an important meeting and you need to concentrate. Then cut out the intricacies and experiments. Or you both are too tired and would rather get good rest than romp through the night and you dream of a short soft session that won’t leave you agitated. Or – whatever, life is complicated, and it’s better to make sure that your time assessment is accurate. Stay in touch with reality.

Now, if you (or your friend) often wonder what thoughts are whirling in a man’s mind before he is completely undressed for sex, here are some guidelines which you can rely on, so you can make a good guess at it at least!

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