Stress-free Moving


If you had to count all the boxes and tried to recall if you had packed everything on the eve of your moving and if you then looked for the missing things, you will agree that moving is a terrible thing. has collected the tips that will help you move everything without losses. Let’s move?


1. The plan of packing, durable packages and kilometers of Scotch tape

Before you pack the things, prepare the boxes and containers. More than a half of your success depends on how well you pack things. Correct packaging will help you cope with the problem. Correct means strong enough and of the needed size. Packaging includes boxes, air bubble film, stretching thin film and kilometers of Scotch tape. Ordinary garbage bags are too thin and do not save from damage. Therefore, if you need a bag, take the one that is thicker and is used in building.

Make a plan of packing things to continue preparing for the move. Select a place or a private room, where you will keep packed things so that they do not interfere with packing other things.

The boxes should not be too large, the weight of each box should not be more than 30 kg, but it is better not to put more than 20 kg in one bag. This is not just about the comfort of loading things, but the preservation of your items as well.

2. Success formula: an honest shipping manager + powerful loaders

No matter how you pack the boxes, much will depend on the loader too. When selecting the loading service, always look at which cars the company offers. If the company has just one type of cars for all occasions, you cannot rely on the speed and quality of their service.

To avoid possible misunderstanding, discuss all the details of your moving, including the cost, with the same representative of the shipping company. The more people you come in contact with, the more likely it is that something will go wrong. This rule is obvious, but not everyone follows it.

Ask what loaders can do: for example, whether they can assemble furniture. Do not hesitate to ask about safeguards and the exact cost. Otherwise you will face the risk of agreeing on a certain sum and paying twice the same amount after the disgruntled loaders unload the things.

It may take a few days to find a normal shipping company. If you do not want the price of your moving to be extremely high, it is necessary to call a few companies and make a comparison chart. It also takes some time to find truthful reviews about this company.

Online Services

There are services on the Internet where you are just asked to make an order with a detailed description of your moving, and the shipping managers negotiate about your order, reducing the price. As a result, the comparison chart is compiled by itself, and you move your things, saving up to 72% compared to the market price.

3. The list of things and marking the boxes

To make it easier to move without losing anything, collect the things from one room in a box marked with a certain color. It’s easier to find these things in a new place.

It is best to stick to each box the list indicating the things contained there; make this list on a sheet of colored paper. Attach the sheet covering its entire surface with tape. This is a time-consuming work, but it’s worthy of the time you spend. And if each box is assigned a number, it becomes much easier to notice if everything has been unloaded.

4. The most valuable things should be loaded last

One box should contain the most valuable items and documents. You should take it with you; do not let anyone carry it.

Another box should include basic necessities that will be useful in the new location. If you move out late in the evening and plan to unpack the things the next morning, the box with bed linen and toiletries will be needed. If you start to arrange the things in their places immediately after they are transported, put some tools there.

The box should be marked with a label saying “The last one to transport, the first to open.”

If you move over long distances, prepare a box with an emergency reserve, which will help you survive without other things, if the goods are delayed for some reason. This box should also be taken with you.

5. The plan of unloading and arranging things

Many people forget about this point. When they arrive at the place of their destination, it turns out that there is no place to put the boxes, the refrigerator does not pass through the doorway, and the furniture has damaged corners after unloading.

  • So, prepare a room for unloading things a few days before moving into your new place.
  • Measure the height and width of the doorways. If they are too narrow or low for the things, you may have to call a specialist and temporarily remove the doors and jambs. In any case, wrap the doors with a plastic film, otherwise scratches and damages will be inevitable. Using film and adhesive Scotch tape, you can protect the corners of your furniture.
  • Try to remove the unpacked furniture from communicating rooms and corridors, in order not to interfere with the unloading. Make a plan of what and where will be put. If you mark the boxes with different colors, mark corresponding areas in the new apartment as well.
  • And be sure to do the cleaning. Nothing should stand in the loader’s way: the worker, who has stumbled over a mop should not be blamed for it.

6. Moving at dawn and on a weekend

It is tempting to carry all the stuff in the morning and spend the rest of the day unpacking, or plan the moving after work. But it is at these hours that the streets are loaded with transport – you can lose a few hours in traffic jams. Therefore go to shipping companies which agree to work early in the morning, before the traffic starts

7. Negotiate with the shipping company, but do not save on transportation

Suppose your friend has a roomy car. If you have something loaded into that car, you will ship the things by car after seven to ten runs, and everything will be transported. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

  • First, do not try to transport large items and furniture on small cars. You should not load a fridge or a wardrobe even on a pickup truck. They will not be transported normally: appliances and large furniture are transported according to certain standards. Study, for example, the rules of transporting refrigerators and check if the shipping company complies with all the conditions.
  • Second, count the consumption of gasoline and effort needed for several runs and forget about saving on shipping companies.
  • Third, consider the time and unexpected traffic jams.

Order a suitable truck in a reliable company and move everything in one or two runs. Save not just money, but also nerves.


So, to move all the things with no headache you need:

  • Get ready well and pack.
  • Choose a shipping company with the help of an online service.
  • Sign each box.
  • Pack the box with the most important things separately.
  • Prepare a place for moving.
  • Select the time.
  • Order the appropriate vehicle and move without any problems.