Great Home Tricks for Storing Food Longer


Those spending a lot of time in the kitchen, usually look for the ways to simplify their work and save time and effort. Going to the grocery store is one of the most labor-intensive processes. We offer 10 amazing ways to keep the food fresh and make purchases at least once a week.


1. How to store berries for 2 weeks

Berries rot faster than other fruits and vegetables. A day or two pass, and they should be thrown to trash. A vinegar solution will help keep them longer. Mix water and vinegar in the ratio of 3:1 and rinse the berries. Drain the water through a colander, rinse the berries under running water, and dry them. Store berries in a container, without covering it tightly.

2. The absorber of ethylene gas


Bananas, avocados, apricots, mangos, kiwis, tomatoes, plums and other fruits and vegetables release ethylene, which is the cause of their short life. Firstly, you need to store different kinds of fruits and vegetables separately. Secondly, you need to buy an ethylene absorber.

3. Delicate greens

Greens, such as parsley, cilantro, and basil, should be stored in polyethylene in the refrigerator. You can put them with their scape down in water, like a bouquet, and then place a bag on top and tie the bag tightly.

4. Green onions

Green onions, unfortunately, live a short life. It is best to cut onions, put them into a plastic bottle and into the freezer. This will help onions to retain all of their properties for a month. You need to make sure that onions are completely dry before freezing. Instead of a bottle, you can take a zip package.

5. Apples and potatoes are friends forever


If you store apples with potatoes, they will not sprout quickly.

6. Cheese and butter

To prevent cheese from drying out, it is necessary to slightly grease it with butter. Keep it wrapped in waxed paper in the vegetable compartment.

7. Banana stems

If you buy a whole bunch of bananas, you need to wrap their stems in polyethylene. This trick will allow them to survive for 5 days. And do not put them together with other fruit.

8. No polyethylene


Tomatoes ripen much faster in a plastic bag due to the fact that ethylene they release cannot leave the bag. It is better to keep them in a paper bag, stems down. But fully ripe tomatoes are best stored at room temperature in the darkness, with their stems up. The same applies to mushrooms.

9. Green lettuce

Paper napkins, covering a bundle of lettuce, absorb moisture that it releases and will not allow it to spoil quickly. It is necessary to place the lettuce in a container, cover it with a napkin and close the lid tightly.

10. Nuts


Roasted nuts are delicious and can be stored longer. It is best to store them in a vacuum package. When frozen, they can be stored up to 6 months.

The “longevity” of the foods also depend on where exactly you store foods in your fridge. And if you keep foods, especially sweets on your dining table, it will definitely make you gain weight.