Cute & Delicious Food-Shaped Purses

These purses look so real you wanna eat them!

Good guests go to parties with their own meals. Just in case. The delicacies, which this article will deal with, are certainly good enough to take with you to an event. Just get ready to be stared at, to be asked questions and to enjoy other people’s increased interest. After all, these cakes, donuts, pancakes and other goodies are nothing but bags developed by creative designers.


Like many other ladies, a young woman from the Netherlands named Rommy cannot imagine her life without sweets. At the same time, she is not afraid to get better. On the contrary, the beauty boasts a slim waist and a model figure. The secret is that instead of the excessive consumption of delicacies, Rommy “prepares” and feeds them to hungry fashionistas. After all, she is a designer of unusual accessories, which can be bought in her online shop rommydebommy, just like hotcakes.

Rommy earns her living by manufacturing creative handbags, clutches and jewelry. They are all united by cooking – a pleasant topic for many people.


These accessories look so real that at first sight one fails to believe in their artificiality.

The menu of rommydebommy bags includes something delicious to everyone’s taste. Fans of sweets will admire bags in the shape of a giant donut, a cookie with chocolate, a pancake, a chocolate bar, a candy or even waffles.


Those who prefer something more substantial may start salivating, when seeing a bag in the form of cheese, a plate of spaghetti with meatballs or a portion of French fries with a hamburger.

Vegetarians or ever dieting ladies will be able to quench their appetite with slimming salads.


Each bag is the result of hard work. Accessories are made of soft, foam material and are hand-painted.

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