15 Ways of Using Alcohol around the House


Good salary, even better prospects, success in professional and personal life. However, from time to time, you still spend nights with It. Maybe it will happen at a party with friends, your classmate’s wedding or even at your parents’ anniversary. Maybe even in the bar around the corner. Set aside the drama: “It” is simply alcohol. And yes, from time to time our paths cross. Of course, we encourage our readers to never lose self-control and consume it moderately and elegantly. However, we are sure: a good bottle of alcohol is always needed in the house. Not so much for consuming, but as a brilliant solution to 15 different domestic problems.


Competing with the best bar in the city is not always a brilliant idea. However, you can always be armed with a bottle of wine, vermouth or vodka. After all, the “magic power” of alcohol can solve many problems at one fell swoop. However, these problems are not of emotional nature.

Issue 1: Feet and shoes odor

It is one of the pressing problems of humankind. Especially in the summer season. There are many solutions, but one of the simplest and most effective ones is treating your feet with a small amount of vodka in the morning and evening. Pour it into a small bottle with a sprayer or simply apply a little on a cotton ball and wipe the skin. Alcohol kills bacteria, which cause an unpleasant smell. So from time to time it does not hurt to treat your sneakers or closed shoes.

Issue 2: Germs are everywhere!

Even if you have never suffered germophobia, and the idea of touching food with unwashed hands does not cause you a series of panic attacks, sanitizer in a pocket or purse never hurts. It is very simple to make an effective disinfectant by yourself: simply pour a small amount of vodka into a bottle with a sprayer. Just do not overdo it with “disinfection” at work.

Issue 3: What happened to vanilla?

You’ve decided to please your family with cookies or a sweet Sunday cake, but suddenly discovered that you’ve run of vanilla. No problem. A little liqueur, like the famous Bailey’s, will become a much tastier substitute.

Issue 4: Garden snails

Snails are good only in two cases: with butter and garlic or as part of Korean cosmetics. If your garden has suffered a series of slimy attacks, it’s time to take up the defense: dig small holes in the parasites’ favorite places, put a container (eg, tin) in it, so that its neck is placed at ground level. Fill with beer to the brim. Snails will be attracted by the scent, try the intoxicating drink and complete their life cycle in a good mood. After all, they are not good swimmers.

Issue 5: You obviously applied too much perfume


Smelling like a perfume warehouse in 40-degree heat? Apply a bit of vodka on a cotton ball and wipe the place where you applied perfume. Alcohol will make the “heavy” molecules of perfume oils lighter and will help them evaporate quickly.

Issue 6: Baked chicken looks not appetizing enough

15 minutes before turning off the oven, pour a small amount of vermouth over the meat. Sugar in its composition will quickly form a delicious crisp of a noble color.

Issue 7: You forgot something while cooking again

This time – lemon juice. No problem: replace it with white wine in an amount similar to that specified in the recipe.

Issue 8: Dull hair without volume

Beer helps to grow not only a belly, but also lush hair. Strengthen your curls with an advanced shampoo. Simmer 3/4 of a glass of beer. When the amount is reduced to 1/4 (without your help, of course!), remove the beer from the heat, cool and add to your favorite shampoo. Apply as usual.

Issue 9: Your clothes smell 100 years old


The clothes need to be walked. The items that have long languished in a closed wardrobe will inevitably start smelling old. And here again it is time to remember vodka: spray it over the clothing. As in paragraph 1, the alcohol will destroy the bacteria that cause odor.

Issue 10: Dying eggs

The easiest way to dye eggs for Easter is to dip them into a glass of red wine for a while.

Issue 11: Poison ivy

These plants look fresh and attractive, but they can cause irreparable damage to your garden. Grab a spray bottle with vodka, which remained after the wardrobe de-aromatizing, and start spraying weed leaves. Alcohol will lead to dehydration and inevitable death of the moisture-loving ivy.

Issue 12: Your country house looks too new…

Perhaps, your house lacks a bit of noble moss for a bohemian look? Collect 200-300 grams of moss, put in a bucket, add 0.3 liter beer and half a teaspoon of sugar. Thoroughly mix until smooth and apply with a broad brush to where you would like the moss to grow. 4-7 days – and the landscaping is complete.

Issue 13: The lawn looks too flat


Not only your hair will become thicker and more voluminous due to beer. Add a bottle of the drink to 30-70 liters of water (if you are using a tank) and water the lawn with the solution 3 times a week. Sugar in the composition helps loosen the earth, and the lawn will be much more elaborate. However, we do not know how it will affect the amount of insects.

Issue 14: The salad lacks something

Perhaps wine vinegar? Make it on your own by mixing equal proportions of vinegar with red or white wine.

Issue 15: The kebab could be tastier

Didn’t you know that red wine is a perfect marinade for meat? Pour it over the meat and leave overnight, best in a plastic ziplock bag. And in the morning enjoy your perfectly tender and juicy kebab. Works no worse with barbecue.