13 Unexpected Uses of Mouthwash at Home


A modern person is literally obsessed with hygiene. At least, in comparison with the previous generation. Most young people will not leave home without a hand antiseptic (sanitizer) or wet wipes. And, of course, a refreshing chewing gum. Moreover, the habit of disinfecting applies not only to hands, but to mouth, as well. No wonder dentists highly recommend using mouthwash, and many “patients” prescribe it to themselves independently. After all, in addition to hygiene, this product is able to cope with 13 more domestic difficulties.


Starting your day with mouthwash? Not a bad habit. Due to eucalyptus and menthol, this product really refreshes and even invigorates. Methyl salicylate has healing properties, and thymol is a strong antiseptic. Moreover, this is not an exhaustive list of ingredients of an ordinary mouthwash. It is due to them that mouthwash can solve 13 small domestic difficulties of various nature.
Mouthwash can:

1. Prevent dandruff

Once you have used the shampoo and hair conditioner, bloggers advise mixing mouthwash and water (1:1) and washing your hair. Menthol is effective against dandruff and hair greasiness.

2. Fight nail fungus

Mix mouthwash with vinegar (1:1), apply the mixture on a cotton ball and press to the affected nail plate for 2-3 minutes. Repeat every day for several weeks.

3. Treat piercing

Additional disinfection has never been redundant in such a delicate issue.

4. Disinfect your toothbrush


Just leave it overnight in a glass with mouthwash.

5. Disinfect the washing machine and eliminate odors on clothes

If you have decided on this extreme method, select colorless mouthwash only.

6. Get rid of the odor from the rubbish bin

Soak a cotton pad in mouthwash and drop it into the rubbish bin. Besides, you’d better take out the trash as often as possible.

7. Replace your antiperspirant

Mouthwash can fight bacteria and create a refreshing effect. It leaves no stains on clothes and does not clog your pores. Nevertheless, you’d better choose something more reliable before going to the gym.

8. Refresh the toilet basin

Pour a cap of mouthwash straight into the “sacred place”, leave the liquid for half an hour, and then do the usual cleaning.

9. Disinfect scratches and blisters

If you do not have hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or a special antiseptic close at hand – treat the damaged place with mouthwash.

10. Alleviate itching after insect bites


Say “thank you” to the shock dose of menthol in the composition!

11. Get rid of bruises quicker

Do the soaking therapy every day. However, the author of this unusual life hack has not reported on its effectiveness yet.

12. Get rid of the garlic & fish smell

It is effective not only for the oral cavity, but also for the skin. Just wash your hands with menthol mouthwash.

13. Prolong plant life

To preserve the flowers longer after they’ve been cut, add 2 tablespoons of mouthwash into the water can. And if you spray the solution of 1/4 mouthwash and 3/4 water on your houseplants, it will save them from mold and mildew.