13 Most Common Laundry Mistakes You Make


To preserve your clothes’ decent look, we must, first of all, wash them properly.


Geniusbeauty.com will tell you about the most common mistakes that can ruin our favorite piece of clothing.

Improper sorting

In addition to color, you must still pay attention to the type of fabric: fleece clothing is only washed separately, and towels are never washed together with synthetic clothes.

Improper stain removal

Do not be surprised at seeing a hole, if you are used to rubbing the stains furiously. Stains should be carefully washed. You should blot the stain with a piece of white cloth instead of rubbing it.

Excessive detergent

Too much detergent produces too much foam, which can retain dirt in places such as a collar. As a result, bacteria will be accumulated there, which is contrary to the very idea of washing.


Zip your clothes before washing, because a zipper can damage other things.



On the contrary, it is best to undo the buttons on shirts and other clothes. Otherwise, they may come off, and the thread will quickly wear out.

Too much bleach

Bleach makes the fabric less durable, so try good old boiling first: a large pan and a few drops of lemon juice.

Automatic washing of swimsuits

Swimwear, as well as any other clothes made of elastane and spandex, must not be washed in the washing machine. Only cool water and hand wash.

Giving the washing machine some “rest”

Some housewives give their washing machine “rest”, mistakenly thinking that a few cycles in a row can cause damage. However, it is wiser to have several cycles: this approach allows you to use the redistribution of heat from the previous cycle, reducing energy consumption.

One cycle for pillows and blankets

If you wash feather pillows and blankets in the machine, then wash them twice: feathers retain foam, and the detergent may remain inside after one cycle.

Conditioner for towels


Fabric softener reduces fabric absorbency, which is not useful for towels.

Too many clothes

You should not jam-pack your washing machine: it leads to torn clothes and may even damage the machine.

Improper washing of down coats and jackets.

For the down not to pill, put three tennis balls in the washing machine. They will not let the down pill and will knock out all the foam.

The use of expensive cleaning products

Much of what we are accustomed to has its cheap counterparts: salt recovers the clothes’ brightness, and chalk helps get rid of grease stains. Soap bleaches and removes stains. Lemon juice can be used to add some fragrance and soften your laundry.

Improper care

Clean your washing machine often, do not forget that the detergent & conditioner compartment is removable in most washing machines. Since detergents accumulate under it, it should be washed very often. Do not close the lid after you’ve done the laundry, let it dry and ventilate. Several times a year, run one cycle with hot water mixed with white vinegar. Your washing machine will be as good as new!