Newman Heart-Shaped MP3 Player for Valentine’s Day


Newman Heart-Shaped MP3 Player for Valentine’s DayThere are many symbolic devices sold on Valentine’s Day eve. Newman, a Chinese company, have produced a new MP3 player designed like two kissing, which together are shaped as a cute red heart. Isn’t it nice! I find it a very cool gift. This heart-shaped Newman mp3 player uses an Ali M5667 chipset, has touch-keys, comes with 1 GB memory each and supports MP3 and WMA formats. It costs $55 for both heart parts, but unfortunately this cute device is now available only in China. To be honest, though I’m pretty romantic and like, how this mp3 player looks, I can’t imagine a man walking with this heart half. What do you think?


  1. I just have to post about this, but this reminded me of the news with Craigslist’s CEO wanting for an apology from the South Carolina attorney general. Always something new with Craigslist and things in the news.

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