Meerkat Orlov Climbs up to Get onto Christmas Bestseller List


Being a fictional character doesn’t stop the Russian aristo-meer-kat Aleksandr Orlov from having an event-packed life, so maybe “his autobiography” was due a while ago. Well, now it is coming and coming on strong, having hit Amazon’s pre-order Top 100 – which means it stands a fair chance of becoming a Christmas bestseller.

Russian meerkat Aleksandr Orlov

There are critics who foresee this “true life story” behind Orlov’s popularity outstrip the success of volumes penned by Tony Blair and Jamie Oliver.

The blurb of the £9.99-priced sensation of the year promises a vivid depiction of the “Journey of Courageousness” which landed Aleksandr’s valiant ancestor in Russia, of Aleksandr’s entrepreneur beginnings, of’s history, including the account of the hero-meerkat’s private mannerisms.

These advertising folks have been building Aleksandr from a scratch and finally managed to make a mountain out of a molehill with “A Simples Life”… Will it now be Sergei’s turn for Christmas 2011?

Source of the image: Themediablog.typepad.