18 Bizarre But Awesome Inventions


In this review, we have gathered the most amazing and useful gadgets and accessories that can cheer up the gray days. Indeed, it is not only useful but also very interesting to have something like this at hand. Well, it is better to look at these things than talk about them.


1. Jelly glasses

1geniusproductinventionsFunny jelly glasses, which can be eaten after you finish the drink.

2. Water sterilizer

2geniusproductinventionsA stylish and compact device for sterilizing water, where you can wash fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. A disappearing highlighter

3geniusproductinventionsA highlighter, whose traces will disappear from books and notebooks after six months. Such a device would allow students to highlight the needed information, without damaging books.

4. A cleaning robot

4geniusproductinventionsThis incredible device collects dust and dirt from the floor with the help of gelatin beads. This invention will allow to forget about a vacuum cleaner and a mop, and the cleaning process will be pure fun.

5. Defibrillator toaster

5geniusproductinventionsBring your bread back to life, turning it into a delicious fried toast with the help of a creative toaster, made in the form of a defibrillator.

6. A sausage knife

6geniusproductinventionsAn entertaining device in the form of a charming Dachshund, which will let you finely chop the sausage with just one hand movement.

7. A tee connector socket

7geniusproductinventionsA simple socket that turns into a tee connector at a light touch. This is a perfect device for the modern home, where free sockets are never enough.

8. A lulling toy

8geniusproductinventionsA beautiful, soft toy, equipped with a speaker, a nightlight and a remote control, which will help to quickly soothe and lull a baby.

9. A fork

9geniusproductinventionsA funny finger fork for loading small pieces of meat, snacks and sweets, which will help you have a bite without dirtying your hands.

10. Mittens

10geniusproductinventionsWarm adult mittens with a pocket for the child’s hand are a perfect gift for a loving parent.

11. A facial napkin

11geniusproductinventionsA protective napkin with strings and an opening for the mouth is a fun gift for the people who always stain their face with food.

12. A device for applying mascara

12geniusproductinventionsThis is a simple and at the same time quite useful device that allows you quickly and accurately making up the upper and lower eyelashes.

13. An umbrella bag

13geniusproductinventionsThis is a fantastic umbrella, which at any moment can be transformed into a small bag.

14. A sweet pencil

14geniusproductinventionsA pencil made of candies is a wonderful invention for the people who cannot get rid of the habit to bite and gnaw their writing instruments.

15. A smartphone case

15geniusproductinventionsThis case includes a miniature keyboard that is capable to transform your smartphone into a mini-laptop at any time.

16. A bracelet with an elastic hair band

16geniusproductinventionsAn original bracelet with a hair band is a perfect gift for people with long hair.

17. A comb

17geniusproductinventionsA massage comb, which can be cleaned of any accumulated dirt and hairs by just one hand movement.

18. An iron mug

18geniusproductinventionsThis original mug can slightly iron your clothes until the drink poured into it gets cold.