A Year to Remember: 5 Sweet First Anniversary Gifts to Consider

In America, couples spend around $30,000 on their wedding day. As a result, you may still be paying off those debts by the time you reach your first wedding anniversary.

But, you still want to make it as special as possible! In this article, we’ll look at just a few first anniversary gifts to give your husband or wife.

1. Flowers Simply Say I Love You

Flowers are a romantic symbol. You may choose to send a huge bouquet or simply buy a single rose.

It’s hard to go wrong with flowers as they liven up your home, lift your mood, and show that you care.

However, make sure you don’t buy them from a gas station on the way home from work. Put some thought into the arrangement.

Check out these international flower delivery options if you’re away from your loved one on your anniversary.

2. A Map to Your Heart

Your first anniversary is the year of paper. As a result, why not buy your husband or wife a paper world map?

You can then spend an evening adding pins to this map of all the places you’ve been together. Either choose a map of your town, of the country, or of the world!

You may choose to add a romantic note to the map. Either write it visibly on the front or hidden on the back. Then, frame this beautiful keepsake and display it in your home.

3. Enjoy Your Wedding Cake

An old tradition is to keep the top tier of your wedding cake, freeze it, and then enjoy it on your anniversary.

If you didn’t do this then why not recreate your cake instead? You’ll certainly surprise your loved one by commissioning cupcakes from the bakery you bought your wedding cake from!

4. Book a Romantic Trip

Did you get married locally? Why not book a room at the hotel where you tied the knot or nearby?

You can spend the evening eating fancy food, sipping Champagne, and talking about all the memories of your wedding day.

Who says your honeymoon is a one-time thing? You may choose to whisk your loved one away for a long weekend and enjoy talking about your first year as a married couple.

5. Create a Scrapbook

Have you had a blissful year as a married couple with hundreds of new experiences? Then, why not create a scrapbook?

This is an inexpensive gift with a lot of heart. Simply print off hundreds of the best pictures from this year. Add in short, romantic notes and a few aide-memoire.

Expect lots of tears to follow as this gift will be thoughtful and so unexpected.

First Anniversary Gifts Should Be Heartfelt

Don’t put pressure on yourself to come up with a completely unique gift idea. Your loved one will likely be happy with just a card over lavish first anniversary gifts.

Your gift could be as simple as a love letter. Write down everything that you’ve enjoyed about being married this last year.

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