Third Celebrity Fragrance Reveal from Halle Berry


Oscar-winning American actress Halle Berry will present her third perfume in August. However, the fragrance will not be available for worldwide sale until January 2011. Berry said that she wanted to create a floral composition when she was working on this women’s perfume, which is called Halle Berry Reveal.

Did the actress manage to create a more floral perfume this time? Experts think that despite abundant presence of floral notes in it, the fragrance can be attributed to very classic and light perfumes. Halle Berry Reveal is more of a woody-floral perfume; it was designed by perfumer Richard Herpin.

Third Celebrity Fragrance Reveal from Halle Berry

The composition contains the following notes: mimosa, honey melon, red berries, peaches, iris flowers, neroli, plum, vetiver, cashmere wood, and skin musk. Berry is very pleased with this perfume and says that presence of iris added particular softness and lightness to the fragrance.

Fragrance Halle Berry Reveal will be quite concentrated (Eau de Parfum) and will be released in bottles accompanied by a line of perfumed body products.

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