Fragrance Pills


What does it mean: fragrance pills? This is not a form of packaging the perfume. Everything is much more surprising. You swallow the pill, and your skin exudes a pleasant aroma.


The pill allows you to turn sweat into a fragrance. The idea belongs to the designer from the Netherlands, Lucy McRae. Swallowing fragrance pills, we make our body emit fragrance. And since we are all different, each woman will have a fragrance of her own.

Lucy’s idea was supported by the biologist Sheref Muncie. Due to his help, the fragrance pills appeared.

What still remains unknown is the purpose of creating a new perfume. Maybe, it is for very lazy girls, who are so reluctant to spray a few drops of perfume over their body or take a shower and use deodorant. We have nothing against the Netherlands, but this country seems to already have a lot of uncommon (for the Americans, for example) and legalized things that you can eat (and even smoke).

The date of bringing the idea to life and producing fragrance pills is still unknown. Although the promo video is already available.

Source of the image: Photl.