Women Are Beautiful Only 2 Hours a Day

The results of a research conducted by the Imperial Leather SkinKind turned out to be disheartening for every working woman, revealing that the makeup and hair perfection they realize for the working day is good for the first two hours and 22 minutes at most.

Beautiful woman

10.13 am marks the critical point of no return for them when the professional woman’s perfect looks begin to wilt: the stylish hairdo has strands coming undone, the lipstick loses the flawless accuracy of line and the eye shadows begin to look smudgy.

Most of the 2,000 polled office women confessed they felt a need to re-arrange their hair and refresh their makeup by midday. 43% of them said that after a day spent at the office they realized they looked very much different from the way they did at the start of the day.

The researchers also looked into the time it takes the average woman to preen up. In order to create the image that gets messed up after two and a half hours a woman spends 10 minutes for a shower, another 11 minutes doing her hair and letting it dry, 8 minutes making up her face and 9 minutes thinking out her costume for the day (adding up to 38 minutes).

Having devoted about 40 minutes to their appearance and left home at 7.40 am, 10% of women admitted they felt it began to get queer after only an hour of work, while 40% said they were aware of looking disheveled by the lunch break.

Rebecca Wilson, spokeswoman for the Imperial Leather SkinKind, said in her summing up that every woman feels she should look her smartest throughout the working day – but “a stressful commute combined with a couple of killer hours in the office” leave them in bad need of refreshing their image barely three hours into the day.

Source of the image: Photl.