Sony Ericsson from Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova and the Bag designed by HerThe list of the celebrities occupied with designing is growing daily. Kate Moss is releasing dresses, Misha Barton – bags, Dita Von Teese – underwear. Today it seems that this passion for design did not give women athletes a wide berth. Maria Sharapova had designed a collection of accessories for Sony Ericsson cell phones.

Maria Sharapova, a professional Russian tennis player and socialite, last week presented her first collection of accessories for a giant of the cell phone industry, Sony Ericsson. On the runway were presented a cell phone cover for tennis court, a compact cover for training, a bag for parties and a travel purse from the Maria Sharapova’s collection. According to the press, it was a successful collection and a good start-up for a beginner designer, though some help from the professionals was not omitted.

“Style, fashion and glamour – these are the things that people need. I am sure that they will like my collection” – commented Maria on this collaboration. Below you can see what Maria has created.

Grey Bag by Sharapova

Small Bags Designed by Sharapova

Cell Phone Bag Designed by Sharapova


  1. As for me, I don’t like these bags, I find them too girly. Maria Sharapova is a respected woman and such naive design is something that couldn’t be created by her. I think her name was just used here to make the brand more popular.

  2. I come from Russia and I’m very proud, that such a talented and famous woman is also Russian and I like her collection, although I find that cocktail bag very similar to my grandma’s change purse.:)

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