10 Rules of Mobile Phone Use

Woman Talking over Mobile PhoneAn open letter from 20 leading medics on the proper use of mobile phones has been published. Their appeal to use the cell phones less is addressed to everybody. It’s said in the letter, that these days there are no data proving that cellular communication don’t affect health. This is why the scientists recommend to follow the 10 rules of mobile phone use. According to them, this is going to reduce the risk of a whole range of diseases.

Recommendations on Mobile Phone Use

  • Children under 12 may use mobile phones only in emergency cases.
  • Use hands free devices, such as Bluetooth, as often as possible, instead of holding the cell phone just near your head.
  • Don’t keep the cell phone in your pockets, don’t leave it at the head of the bed for the night.
  • If you still keep the mobile phone in your pocket, turn its scratchpad side to your body.
  • Don’t speak over the cell phone for long, use the stationary telephone every time, when possible.
  • Change your ear during a long talk on the mobile phone.
  • Don’t use cell phone in places without stable connection or when moving (for example, when going by bus).
  • Replace a phone talk with an sms, when possible.
  • When choosing the mobile phone, take its emissivity into account.

Gadget Addiction

Nowadays scientists even start to discuss such problems as gadget addiction. This means, that the person can’t do without gadgets including mobile phones. No matter how busy you are and how often you need your cell phone, try to use it more seldom for your health’s sake.

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