New Adjustable Wonderbra Enhances the Bust


New avatar is holding out a new version of an affordable push-up bra with a twist. Called the Wonderbra, it is a boobwear affair that can play up or down your bust size according to the situation. Those more modestly endowed can maintain a less impressive appearance throughout the day and then change to a more voluptuous effect in a jiffy by operating a cord. The trick benefits owners of breasts of all sizes. Whenever you feel like gent-killing, you pull down the cord between the cups and thus get them drawn together, making for a noticeable push-up effect.


The shape-changing Wonderbra retails for around $50 and comes in sizes from 32A to 38DD. Also, there are matching briefs selling at $22 that will perfect your hip shape creating a figure well-rounded in all the right places.



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