Men Endure 26 Minutes of Shopping


26 minutes is the patience limit of men when it comes to a shopping spree.

Woman, shopping

British sociologists conducted a survey among men concerning shopping and the time that they can endure in a store. It turned out that the time is quite short: 26 minutes.

80% of the respondents believe that buying clothes is boring, and 45% generally try to avoid shopping. Every fourth man gets so tired that he has to go back home from the shop. Almost half of the men argue with their partner in the mall because of being in a bad mood. However, 58% of men would be willing to pretend that they like shopping, if they were promised a reward at the end of the day.

By th eway, if you want your man to be able to endure shopping with you longer, try to share a shopping plan with him in advance. Decide on what exactly you want to buy, which boutiques or brands you want to visit and how much money & approx time you want to spend. Your man would also appreciate if you find some time for a small snack or coffee break. If you make this all clear for him in advance, he won’t get that nervous so fast because of waiting for you trying on things for longer than men normally expect.