How to Optimize Your Wardrobe?


Most girls are worried about how to get ready for work in the morning quicker. It’s very simple: just take pictures of all the images! You can even print the photo and hang it in the dressing room or closet. While shopping, you will always have a handy cheat sheet and would be able to analyze whether a new item will fit into the wardrobe or pull a line of purchases again.

How to make fashionable outfits?

The easiest method is to start with clothes of the same scale and take the upper garments (top, shirt, turtleneck) and the nether garments (skirt, trousers) as the basis. Then you can experiment by adding outer clothes (cardigans, shirts, vests, jumpers) and accessories.
By the way, many women do not have trendy belts! Though a belt can save even the most tasteless image. It is “the final chord in the ensemble”, it gives a collected look. An irrelevant belt turns the whole image into a non-modern one. Do not skimp on accessories, they significantly expand the resource of your wardrobe.

Besides, the following mistakes are often found in studying wardrobes. Take a closer look – maybe you make them too.

The things you are not wearing continue to occupy a lot of space in the closet. “I do not feel like throwing them away”, they are talismans, a size too big or too small: it’s time to remove them and clear the space. Do not create the illusion of choice!

The presence of new things with labels that were bought long ago. In fact, these are “dead souls” again. Most often, these are impulsive purchases, bought on sales. “I don’t know why I need this thing, I’ll figure it out then, otherwise someone else will take it at such a “ridiculous” price.” You must really like what you buy.

Filling the working area does not correspond to the main sphere of life or the season. If you are on maternity leave, you should remove office clothes from the main compartment. Shorts and vests should be left for holidays, festive outfits also deserve being removed from the point of attention. It is much easier to clothe oneself when you have in front of your eyes nothing but the things that are relevant to your lifestyle.

The things that need repair, stain cleaning, or altering hang with other things. You must either remove them or repair them. Do some serious thinking whether they are worth keeping.

Several items of clothing hang on one coat hanger. You have to see every single thing in order to match your outfit with ease!

Hangers are very tightly packed in the wardrobe and clothes are poorly ventilated, as a result of which a musty smell appears. The recommended distance between things is 5 cm.

Mismatched hangers.

Hangers should correspond to the dimensions and weight of the  article. Trousers and skirts made of delicate fabrics should not be hung on toothed clip hangers.

Things hang randomly, without gradation in category. T-shirts should hang near the tops, and blouses – next to the shirts and so on.

Jumpers are kept on hangers and are thus pulled out. Of course, there is a gentle method of hanging them on the  clothes hangers (double folding), but taking into account the volume, it is better to keep jumpers on a shelf.