Menopause Fitness Tips

With the start of a menopause, hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. Menopause can often be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and emotional changes. How to play sports during this period, alleviating your condition?

Find the right type of activity for you

Physical activity stimulates the production of the “joy hormone” of endorphin, therefore, sport is especially recommended for improving mood and relaxation. It is clear that the more pleasant the chosen sport is going to be to you personally, the more joy it will bring. After 45 years, stretching is perfect, since it can support the tone and flexibility of the whole body.

Swimming, yoga or dancing are also very useful, but don’t forget to warm up to avoid injuries. Outdoor activities will make the process even more enjoyable (of course, if the weather allows to do so).

Do not try to lose weight dramatically

Our body is complex and sensitive to changes. For example, during the menopause, the amount of the female hormone, estradiol, decreases, and this leads to less excretion of serotonin. Therefore, irritability and anxiety increase, headaches occur, and sometimes the normal sleep pattern is disturbed. In addition, metabolism slows down. Therefore, excess weight is possible.

Yet, you should not rush to the gym, exhausting your body on exercise machines. This can give the opposite effect. It is better to gradually increase the load, exercising regularly (2–4 times a week). Weight can also be controlled through a balanced diet.

Do not lift weights

If you have never taken sports seriously, it is too late to dream about abdominal muscles after 45 years. Such experiments can even be dangerous. The fact is that the pelvis of women is more elastic than that of men. This is necessary for bearing a child.

Under the bladder and uterus, we have got no dense muscles, as men do. That is why an active pursuit of press cubes can lead to the prolapse of internal organs and, in some cases, even urinary incontinence. Exclude the programs where the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall are involved; do not lift weights and do not perform intense twisting.

If you practice TRX (with your own body weight), trying to lose weight and tone the body, choose separate workouts (on the back and arms, on the legs and buttocks) or skip abdominal exercises. When playing sports for general recovery, you will still be in good shape, since the minimal and safe effect on the abdomen does occur when performing complexes on other muscle groups.

Attend recovery procedures

You can fix the result using wellness procedures, for example, a massage session. It has a beneficial effect on the emotional balance, stimulates the blood flow in the body and strengthens it.

It’s no secret that physical activity is necessary for our body at any age. After 45 years, when changes occur in the body, it is especially important and necessary to maintain not only the hormonal balance, but also psychological one. It affects our appearance and inner attitude.

Floating has also become very popular now – swimming in a capsule resembling a pool, which allows you to “soar” on the surface of water. Thanks to salt in the solution, muscle tension is better relieved, weight is reduced and resistance to stress is increased.

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