Fashion Trends That Will Be Forgotten in 2020


Fashion is cyclical, so no one is surprised that some things become favorites of the season, while others are added to the list called “to be never put on”.

Waist bags

This trend from the 1990s began to give way to other trends in the summer: at first, it was suggested to wear a cross-body over the shoulder, and now stylists advise putting them away on the shelf. Don’t you know what to replace them with? Take a closer look at the Bottega Veneta “dumpling bag” (or similar products by a dozen more affordable companies), which literally blew up street style chronicles in the past rounds of fashion weeks.

Or replace your “belly bag” with a sensational micro (or rather, nano) bag, the trend, which was introduced by the French fashion genius Simon Porte Jacquemus. Yes, tiny models are impractical, but still ultra-popular.

Miniature glasses

We all know that fashion changes are literally very radical: from mini we suddenly turn to maxi. This has happened to the popular cat-eyes glasses, which were very popular among both Hadid sisters. They also remained in the memory of 2019. However, huge mask eyeglasses are beginning to regain their position. It seems that the bigger they are, the better.


Skinny models have already become a kind of classic that was worn by literally everyone: those who can really wear them, and those to whom they are simply contraindicated. The fashion of the past decades is popular now, which means that next year we will replace the narrowed cut with mom’s models, as well as with stonewashed jeans and bananas. Skinny models can be left in the wardrobe and worn, for example, with oversize sweaters.

Bike Shorts

Many people still think that bike shorts are exclusively for the gym. To be honest, everyone had been sure of this until the spring, and then these shorts suddenly became a fashionable must-have. If you still don’t acknowledge the fashion for bike shorts, you should not start at all. This winter, they will be replaced with Bermuda shorts that will remain popular in the new year. Bermuda shorts are also suitable for girls with any type of figure.

Ripped jeans

No matter how much the inappropriateness of ripped jeans was discussed, the model still remained with us. Then a miracle happened! Next year, minimalism and the complete absence of holes, buffy or uneven surfaces are especially appreciated in fashion. Still, we do not recommend to finally get rid of such models, though they have to be removed in the wardrobe.


Having toyed enough with extremely bright colors, designers rely on monochrome images of pastel colors. The favorite colors include black, white, sand, beige and gray. No neon. Even in the accessories.