10 Ways to Downsize Your Wardrobe


Has it ever occurred to you that your extended wardrobe can be a source of irritation and create complications in your life? Or you are thinking about it every blessed day? Anyway, there are certain advantages that ensue from a smaller wardrobe, let’s consider them:


  • you save money on clothes;
  • you save time to do more important things;
  • you don’t stress yourself out unduly in the mornings;
  • you can find your clothes in the closet with ease;
  • you will find it much easier to pack for your trips;
  • you will have easier laundry days – mind, it’s not that you are going to have less laundry, but it will be easier.

All these advantages take you a long way, yet many people go on buying yet more clothes, either believing that the more the better, or being constantly tempted to grab anything they like. So, our closet gets stuffed with every coming season. It seems to us that we become more trendy with each new item, our life becomes brighter and fuller, we produce a more winsome impression. So we delude ourselves while our closet grows cluttered and disorderly.

What if you make up your mind for once to try and get by with fewer clothes? You will certainly gain a kind of freedom you didn’t know existed.

You have two ways to set about putting things in order in your closet: cut down to the barest minimum, or simply get rid of some of the stuff that is clearly excessive. To facilitate this process you can make use of these 10 steps that are sure to help you along. They have been tested and proved efficient!

Accept the fact that you have too many clothes – that will be your indispensable starting point.

Concentrate on fewer colors. Everyone has their favorite colors that they prefer to wear, and they are few. We know what color clothes suit us best, don’t we? So it’s one short step to intentionally buying only clothing of those colors. Consequently you will find you need fewer accessories like belts and handbags. This is only sensible.

Cling to the idea of only one item. If your lifestyle allows it, own only one heavy coat, one light coat, one dress, one belt of the same color, one handbag, one bathing suit, and so on. If you need to have more, make it two or three – the main thing is to stick to your self-set limitation.

Select what you can get rid of. Sort through your closet and see what items you haven’t worn for a while. (You may discover there are more of those than you thought!) Pile them into various heaps – one for donating, one for selling, one for recycling. There may be items that you can throw out.


Select what you can do without again. It was easy to discard the clothes that you don’t wear anyway. But there are some items you may don now and again, yet you don’t really want them or need them. Brace yourself to a tough task and decide firmly what things you can reject. Pull out everything, look at every item closely, and be frank with yourself. Once again, make several heaps for donating, selling, etc.

Stifle any wish to go shopping. Shopping for clothes has long become a habit with a lot of people, they do it without really considering what they are doing and whether they really need new clothes. So it happens that the average US citizen gets rid of 68 lbs of needless textiles year after year. You may have to break the habit forcefully and exercise self-discipline. Set yourself some time – say, a month – and refrain from purchasing clothes. If you discard some unwanted clothes during that period, you may find that your attitude to mindless buying and having a lot of clothing underwent a change for the better.

Set a budget limit for buying clothes and accessories. Choose a very low amount and never exceed it.

Focus on quality. Go only for items that you took to, search things that you just can’t resist getting and wearing! It’s all right if they will prove more costly. If your closet is filled with items that you adore, you won’t have such a strong urge to go purchase something else.


Steer clear of sale racks. These wicked things are meant for us to get bargains, but actually they inveigle one to buy more things than we initially intended to and that we don’t really want to wear. Train yourself to be stronger than the temptation.

Know that you yourself are impressive, and not your clothes. Make people look at your face and listen to what you say instead of eyeing and assessing the clothes you are wearing.