Cute Elephant Twins


The two baby elephants on the picture are twins who were born in an elephant breeding center in Chitwan, Nepal. In the press they were named “double trouble” for their mum. They are now one month old and feel good. The infants are said to be the first elephant twins born in Nepal. They are very cute and so playful! I love elephants.

Elephant Twins Playing

Cute Elephant Twins

Elephant Twins with Mum

Mum Elephant and Her Baby Twins


  1. The babies are rare and sweet but the mother is chained like that?
    That is so wrong and it makes the pictures NOT cute.
    Look up how baby elephants are broken or do a google for phaajan.
    FREEDOM and PROTECTION BY LAW for elephants. Sanctuary for all!

  2. Yes, they are cute, but did you happen to notice the huge chains on the mother? And, when these oh so cute babies are 3 or 4 years old they will be physically dragged away from their mother to undergo Pha Jaan, the brutal weeks long torture of the little baby elephants that is designed to totally and completely and irrevocably break their spirits. Many times it kills them first. Google Pha Jaan and see for yourself.

  3. Those babies are impossibly cute – but the chains around the mother’s foot are an obscenity. That picture is SAD – and what awaits these adorable little darlings,I’m afraid, is just unbearable.

  4. Beautiful little innocents, ignorant of the suffering of their mother and the suffering they may endure as they get older when their spirit is brutally broken in training to serve humans. WAKE UP, Set them FREE NOW!!! Give them the respect they deserve – they may teach us a thing or 10 about how to live our own miserable lives…

  5. those elephants are SO cute, but the mother had big chains on her i fell really bad. i love elephant and that is not right.

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