Bull Terrier – Perfect Pet or Killer?

There are two opposite opinions


These dogs look a little similar to pigs, have a muscular build, they like games with a ball and all sorts of outdoor activities, they need very little grooming and bark seldom. At the same time these fun-loving dogs often have a diabolical expression, can become uncontrollable and are forbidden in many European countries as a fighting dog. I am speaking about the Bull Terrier.


The Bull Terrier is the result of a cross between the Bulldog and Terriers. This British invention has perfect hunting skills of the Terrier and the fighting spirit of the Bulldog. At the same time, it is a sensitive dog which is deeply attached to the owner. This dog requires a firm training, otherwise, it can become very aggressive. Maybe this is why the law of Spain, Italy, Sweden and other countries forbids the import, breeding and owning of Bull and Terrier breeds.

The owners of these dogs claim that the Bull Terriers are very friendly, thriving on affection and are always ready for a frolic. The Bull Terrier is also said to be a sociable dog, which does not hesitate to make the first step towards people, even strangers and is very affectionate with children. The Bull Terrier, what a nice pet! They also look very cute. Just look at the pictures below. One can wonder why they are banned in so many countries.

Cute Bull Terrier

Nice Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier

Funny Dog

Funny Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Puppy

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  1. My first dog was a BT. The boyfriend brought him home as a little puppy one day without telling me. I said to him “what were you thinking??”
    I grew to love that dog so much and he changed my life. Never have I ever ever met a dog with so much soul.
    The boyfriend was abusive, the dog gave me the strength to leave. My BT and I found solace and peace. My mum and dad when they took us in grew to love him deeply too. He changed us, he melted hearts and broke hearts when he died. That was over 20 years ago and I will never forget him…Caine.

  2. I never had a dog in my life until nearly 4 years a go. A friends dog gave birth to 9 adorable pups. I had no intention to have one though I made friends with one of the boys until his sister decided to take possession of me and wouldn’t allow any other pup near me! It was a love at first sight! I had the trouble that I am single and obviously I live on my own. But it worked out. She (I suppose) knows that I have to go to work but as soon as I get back home it’s her time! She is a beautiful staffy cross that looks strangely very pit bull in a slender mode, just like the pic on wikipedia down to the colour! But, and I can’t stress this enough, I invested the time, I trained her as much as I could, thanks Mr Milan!, thus she is a very balanced dog, wonderful with other dogs and great with people and specially kinds, my god son wipes the floor with her (he is 1 year old) by pulling ears, tails, pushing her out of the way and she just stands there licking him! I love her and with her temperament I never had issues with having people to look after her when I need to go away. She knows she is the last on the pecking order and that is great. It saddens me that, I was planning to drive from the UK to Greece on a long break and I wanted to take her with me but with the breed banned in so many places…. it’s just ridiculous… only cause incompetent people have been allowed to have them and use them in ways they were not suppose to…. Give them the right leadership and they are great! She is my baby and the baby of the whole neighbourhood! Advice to people though, if you do allow your dog to sleep on top of your bed….. staffies have no idea how to lie …. they just flop…. by the morning I am holding for dear life at the edge of the bed!!! As for the comments against staffies…. if you never owed one then you don’t know what you are talking about! I love my amber!!

  3. To the people writing comments above saying it is not the dog who attacks but the owners who raise them, wake up to yourselves. My bully attacked another dog today, completely out of the blue. My husband and I have trained him from day dot and have never condoned aggressive behaviour. He has always been very friendly to all dogs / people but something today just clicked and he attacked……………don’t trust any dog!! I have had many dogs – all different breeds and none have ever been aggressive.

  4. It seems to be that Bull Terriers are really lovely natured we are getting a Great dane and Bull Terrier Puppy. I hope they will not fight. Do those two dog breeds get along well? ????
    Bull Terrier: theres a lady that has a Bull Terrier that hase her wallet around the dogs tumy, AND THE DOGS NOT EVEN ON LEAD! 🙂
    P.S: But do you think our two puppies will get along? ??? . .

  5. I think bull terriers are the cutest! I now have a german shepherd, but I really want to get a bull terrier.. Only thing that concerns me a bit is whether the dog will protect me? I understand that this is all in all individiual to all dogs, but it is more “latent” with some breeds, like for instance the german shepherd (that’s why I got one) and dobermans, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I did not get a dog – nor do I want another one – purely for protection reasons; I love them to death, but this is important to me (and my mother, who is always afraid) because I take a lot of long walks at night, and therefore my dog should be able to protect me. 

  6. hey ive got a cat a colly dog and i want to get a bull terrier do u think theyll get on if there brought up together

  7. I have a female English Bull and she is quite protective.  I think females of most dog breeds are more protective to an extent, than males dogs, as they have to protect their puppies.  So they need to have a certain amount of protectiveness.

    Also, I think with a Bull Terrier (and German Shepard) you are less likely to get attacked, because of the way the Bull Terrier looks and German Shepherds are also quite intimidating as they are bred to guard.  So, in a nutshell, if you are out walking at night and you have a Bull Terrier (preferably female) and a German Shepherd with you, neither you or your mum should have to worry about your safety!  I also have a male Collie cross Lab and when I walk both him and the English Bull at night, I never feel scared!

  8. Today I asked my vet to put down my bull terrier LuLu. I got her when my youngest daughter was 2 and today she leaves me at the ripe old age of 19 years and 2 months old. Through her entire life she loved and cherished me and I the same for her. I will miss my girl, the times when for o reason she would untie my shoes, for the times that she was always there when I got home, never ever unhappy to see me. If I was in one room of the house she would find me just to be with me. Never demanding anything but my love and affection. Even in her last days s he would still struggle down stairs just to be in the same room as me, why, because she loved me for who I am not who I could have been. Today she peacefully went to sleep in my arms with my blessing for being such a good friend. If I was sad she would just be there for me if I was happy she was willing to play and be happy with me. My daughters loved her, my wife loved her and I loved her.  I will forever miss you but I know the time to let go is now, she was not in pain but how could you possible tell? They are little bricks with eyes and a big heart
    Good buy my lovely girl LuLu we will meet again. 
    For all out there dogs love, trust and cherish us unconditionally, just remember that and love your pet. Billy

  9. Hey@ I hate pits get an education English bull terriers are not pit bulls!!! get your head out of your ass! Why we’re on the subject of pit bulls don’t judge and discriminate against a dog because of it’s breed I got attacked by little dogs many times while pit bulls I don’t even know are sweethearts.Also pit bulls saved from Micheal Dick are in loving homes with kids and children.Countless others who have been saved from their abusers are so loving even after everything they have endured.The ones that have attacked people you don’t know what their owners have taught them.Hating a dog because of it’s breed is racism for dogs and it’s people like you that are the reason innocent pit bulls are tortured and abused everyday because of labels and hatred!

  10. You have obviously never owned a pit bull or bulldog of any type, because that was an ignorant statement. Every dog has a different personality, any dog who is mistreated could be aggressive, Not just bulldogs. I own a pit bull and she is the sweetest dog I have ever seen.

  11. Hi Bill,

    So sorry for the loss of Lulu, especially after sharing your life with her for so long..You and your family must be devastated! 🙁

     I am really pleased to hear though that EBTs can live to that age, you must have looked after her really well and I really my Dottie lives as long, or nearly as long as your Lulu did!!

  12. Name a dog that’s harmed more animals or humans…than humans have? a dog will become a mirror image of its owner, I own an English Bull Terrier and other domestic pets and she is brilliant, obedient and very sociable. extremely soft natured around children. how’s that for a stereo type animal. 🙂

  13. My neighbour’s two bull terrier’s a male and a female ripped my chihauhau to threads in front of my gate, they got out of their yard. What am i suppose to say about them?

  14. Yes dogs can attack people. So can cats, hippos, elephants, pidgeons you name it. But anyhow okay dogs can and will attack people when they feel threatened or are trained to do so, again like any other animal, feral or not. Due to the size and the tools they have at their disposal, namely sharp teeth, strong jaws and claws they happen to be more under scrutiny. They are domesticated therefor its no longer acceptable for them to act the way that 1000 of years of evolution and domestication has taught them to act, Finally onto bull terriers, the only reason people have such hatred towards bull terriers, pit bulls etc. is because they excell at what they were taught to do, by us, mankind, the people who domesticated them and trained them for various duties. The Bull terriers primary duty blood sport, hosted my man, and vermin control, taught and encouraged by man. Same as any other breed if a dog is trained to be aggresive, regardless of ancestory, it will become aggresive. Hence, Rottweillers or Doberman and used as junkyard dogs, they already look intimidating and can be trained to be viscious, heck you can teach a Labrador to be bloodthirsty if you follow the Micheal Vick handbook. The American Temperament Test Facility has ranked bull terriers with a 90% pass rate, which is no different from any breed in the world. A bull terrier can have the same temperament as a pomeranian, however due to the build of the bull terrier it will become more of a hazard if that temperament is bad. Thats pretty much all the facts. My personal opinion on dogs are, they are like kids, if you teach your kids to be little A-holes, guess what they are gonna grow up to be A-holes and you cant just round them up and destroy them all. In short, blame the parents not the pets.

  15. My Joker, a male Bull terrier, about to turn 4 is the most lovable, sweet dog I have ever been around, and everyone who comes in contact with him instantly falls in love with him, because he is so sweet. He plays with children, other dogs, and people wonderfully. He actually thrives off it. He would not hurt a fly, my toddler nephews ride him like a horse. he actually runs if another dog shows aggression, He actually ran, and jumped on my lap once, because of a chihuahua, he is terrified of the vacuum even. we moved recently, and he wandered off, and went in to play with horses, I understand how wrong that was, but in his defense, he grew up around a horse back home, and LOVED her.  They owners called animal control, and they took him 10 days ago, and are in fact going to “destroy” him, because of this, and it is not fair, and my heart is severely broken. They claim they are killers, and that was his intention. 

  16. denise smith no offense but i feel its the responsibilty of the owner to watch there dog when there outside your nt gnna let your child play outside witout being supervised right? nd to the dick who said destroy them all kill your self cuz oit bulls and bull terriers there big dogs but peopl frendly i had a bull terrier named chico nd honestly hated dogs he hated other big male dogs but any human chilld baby culd go up to him and he wuld be the most loveable dog ever so fuck you and your opinion dick there just misunderstood animals just like us humans so hang yourself i wuld appreiciate it

  17. Hi everyone!

    My boyfreind and I have decided to get ourselves a bully pup. For this will be our 1st time owning a bully, we are extremely excited and also a bit cautious! everyone seems to be “hating” on this breed, for what reason, I dont know. Is there any advise you guys can give us, especially what to do when there are small children around. I want our dog to get a long with everyone. Does this dog get attatched to one owner or will it be protective over the both of us? By the way Im from South Africa and we decided to call our male, Ciro! yay im excited!

  18. Hi Guys!

    My boyfriend and I have decided to buy ourselves a male bully! we already decided on a name for him, Ciro! We are a little bit cautious, for everyone is “hating” on this breed. I would just like to know if its a good idea for it will be the 1st time owning a bully. Can you guys give me any advice as to raising it propperly. The 1st time we came across this breed is when our mates bought a male and a female. We immediately fell inlove with the dogs for they are loveable and extremely playful. Will it only accept one as an owner or will he accept the both of us? What can we do when kids are around? We are sooooo excited and Im sure we’ll have a wonderful journey with our black and white bully! Thanks for all the comments.

  19. Hi to all your Dog Lovers. Me and my wife have 5 Pugs and a Boerbull. They all life happely together with us for the last 8 years. The all live and sleep in house.They are our children. Today we got a 3day old Bull Terrier, we need to rase him by hand, the mother for some reason retjected him as from 2days old. This will be our 1st Bull Terrier. I am asking this question, did read all comments, just out of concern to our children, the 5 Pugs- Is It Safe For Them If We Want To Keep The Bull Terrier? And “i hate pits”, your an Asshole.

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