5 Medical Myths Broken

ScientistThe scientists from Indiana University School of Medicine have analyzed many scientific researches and disproved 5 widespread medical beliefs. All these myths have to do with the functioning of the human organism.

Myth 1. Hair Grows Faster after Shaving

In particular, the scientists have found out, that contrary to the widespread belief shaving does not make hair darker or grow faster. The illusion of thick hair is created by the blunt hair tips. A hair, which was not cut, has a conical, thin tip.

Myth 2. Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Daily is Necessary

The research results also prejudice the popular belief, that an average human needs to drink eight glasses of water daily. As the scientists have proven, we get enough liquid, if we drink milk, juices, tea or coffee. Moreover, it was found out, that drinking too much water can damage health.

Myth 3. The Hair of the Dead Still Grows

The researchers have also found out the reason of the diffused, but wrong belief, that the hair and nails do not stop growing after one is dead. This is only an optical illusion, which is created after by the shriveling skin of the dead.

Myth 4. Turkey Meat Makes Sleepy

Finally, the researchers have also disputed the fact, that the turkey meat is somnolescent. In truth, this meat contains tryptophan, which makes one sleepy, but pork and cheese contains much more tryptophan.

Myth 5. Reading in Poor Lighting Damages Eye Health

One more old belief has also turned out to be wrong: reading in poor lighting damages the eyesight. The ophthalmologists have found out, that dim lighting can cause temporary eye tension, but any long-term effect of it is hardly probable.

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