Beautiful Pictures. Squirrels


In one of the previous posts we were speaking about nuts. Here is something to the topic. I have found beautiful pictures of squirrels, really cute. Enjoy!

Little Squirrel

Squirrel’s Face

Flying Funny Squirrel

Squirrel in Winter

Red Squirrel

Monument Squirrel

Very Cute Little Squirrel

Vertical Squirrel

Thoughtful Squirrel

Strong Squirrel

Little Cute Squirrel

Flying Funny Squirrel

Curious Squirrel

Nice Squirrel

Squirrel Prisoner

Eating Squirrel

Flying Squirrel

Horny Squirrel


  1. I saw my first squirrels last year in Kensington Gardens. They were so cute and ate out of my hand. I think they’re gorgeous.

  2. hey about the black sqquirrles comment maybe one of the reasons there are no pictures is beacuse they are rare.

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  4. Where I live guys in the United States my neighborhood area is Squirrel city they are everywhere ladies and gentlemen. I have come up close to them one cute squirrel staired me in the face as to want to play a chasing game with me or something. I’ve never had squirrels come up into my lap to eat nuts out of my hand. Perhaps guys and girls If I grab about 5 nuts at a time one might run up to me to eat the nuts and be my buddy who knows right. The only pets I had were dogs and goldfishes they are all deceased now. Squirrels I would love to keep as a pet I would get myself vaccinated and my pet squirrel or squirrels to prevent the spread of rabies. Squirrels although cute guys are wild animals adapted to the wild you have to train them to be civilized. I think they are naturally tamed but you just have to expect them to be wild because its their nature to act like that sometimes to most of the time.

    Anyway, The Squirrels are soooooooo cuteeeee I love the eyes and mouth and ears cutest thing about them.

  5. Squirrels are evil? Humans are all good. Lol
    Squirrels carry diseases, and people don’t?
    UK grey squirrels, which smart person introduce these northern American grey squirrels to the UK.
    There are reasons why certain animals should stay on their own land.
    Ignorance is a brain without knowledge.
    Squirrels are cute!

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