Woman’s Body Absorbs 5 Ponds of Makeup Chemicals a Year


Makeup and BrushThe organism of an average woman using makeup and cosmetics actively absorbs about 5 pounds of various chemicals a year, Massachusetts University researchers claim. Some of the compounds present in makeup might even have side effects, starting with skin irritation to cancer.

Dangerous Chemicals in Cosmetic

There are two classes of dangerous cosmetic chemicals. The first ones are parabens, which traces have been found in breast tumor samples. Another chemicals are sodium lauryl sulfate, which can cause skin irritation.

Why Expired Makeup is Dangerous

The researchers have also found, that nine out of ten women also use expired lipstick and mascara. This can be a perfect ground for harmful bacteria. The chemicals start to degenerate, the oils become rancid and the emulsions start to separate making makeup potentially harmful. And as lots of women use about 20 different beauty products a day, the effect of these multiply combinations are very difficult to predict. So, if you wear makeup on a daily basis, you body could be absorbing up to 5 lbs of different chemicals per year, too. Please, be careful when choosing makeup and with every cosmetic product, that has been on your shelf for more than two years. Never use out-of date cosmetic products.


  1. After having read this article I got rid of 3 lipglosses, that might already be out-of-date. God, never knew, it could be so dangerous!

  2. Marta, it just doesn’t have to be paranoid :), but it is really better to get rid of out-of-date cosmetics (especially of out-of-date lipsticks and lipglosses, because we eat them quite a lot), as it may be harmful to a woman instead of making her beautiful.

  3. can you tell me what Massachusetts University you are citing? Also, do you a contact name or research report name?

    Thank you.

  4. When I first started getting into makeup about ten years ago, I was told that the cardinal rule is “If you can’t remember where/when you bought it, toss it out!”

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