Men Think Women Are Overconcerned with Their Looks


Most women are overconcerned with their looks. There are even standards which women use to judge the “groomness” of their rivals and themselves. But how much do men care about those standards? We interviewed a man (who wanted to be anonymous) and here is what he said.

Woman in front of Mirror

Hair Roots

Women with dyed hair have to dye hair roots again and again. Even half an inch of natural hair color showing at the roots is like a sign of terrible taste for many. But men will ever think about those insignificancies only if somebody explains to them what horrible thing this is.

But most of us are convinced that it’s the right way to look and there is no point arguing. If a woman is beautiful and vibrant, no man in his senses will ever notice her hair roots.

Shaving and Epilation

As far as shaving of the private parts is concerned, it all comes down to personal tastes. Some people like to see it trimmed, others prefer it completely shaved. And somebody’s preference will be a bush down there.

Judging seems to be simpler, and harder at the same time, for other part of the body. Almost every man would say that epilation is needed for body parts where hair is not supposed to grow and they are dark and noticeable, like under lip, on the legs an so on. In such a case, going to endocrinologist first is a good thing to do.

On the other hand, removing tiny colorless hairs wherever you spot them is something really morbid. Men either don’t notice it or think it as normal. What’s real problem is spiky bristles a few days after leg shave or irritated skin after epilation (and therefore upset woman)

Manicure and Pedicure

It’s hard to say for sure about manicure. Some men like neatly trimmed nails; others prefer bright nail polish on long nails. Anyway, even the most observing man wouldn’t realize more than 10% of your manicure details. So do we really need to go out of the way for it? It’s better to choose simple and safe choices.

As for pedicure, you don’t have to bother about that at all. There is a small chance a man will be looking at your toe nails. They are much more interested in what lies way above them.

Stretch Marks and Cellulites Creams

Is it a surprise for you that nothing can help against stretch marks? So, try to put up with the fact that nothing could be done. And to fight cellulites, you need exercising, massage and a proper diet.

But we are straying a little bit here. So what do men think about stretch marks and cellulites? Let’s start with the point that most men don’t even guess about the problem until you begin complaining about it, hoping to get comfort or evidence for your heavenly beauty from them.

Those, who know how these “imperfections” look like, don’t mind touching them, though. It’s more important for a man how well you are built and fit. And if you want such a figure, you have to toss out your anti-cellulite compresses and follow the tips described above.

What Does a Man Really Value in a Woman?

Let’s summarize it all quickly. Most men are almost not concerned with those standards for female “groomness”. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you have to do nothing for your appearance. But it would be enough to stick to some middle ground option which allows looking good without spending loads of time and money.

Only some men would demand more than that. Those men can be divided into two categories. First, those are metrosexuals who suffer from the same perversions themselves. Second, they are snobs and wicked chauvinists who are looking for an elite hellcat or a doll instead of a woman with whom they will really feel good.

Are you dreaming of those types?

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