New Fragrance Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works

Female fragrance Twilight Woods will be launched in November, but it has been already reviewed by critics as something really novel in perfume industry. The wearer would feel as if wrapped in cozy atmosphere of a warm evening out in the misty woods.

Twilight Woods

It is noted that the new fragrance has many layers. It gives luxurious notes of cashmere and the feeling of a walk in the twilight woods.

Twilight Woods from Bath & Body Works was described by its creators as hypnotic blend that immediately enchants with the mystery and beauty of twilight woods. When the sun has set, the unique atmosphere of sounds and scents awakens in the woods. It was this atmosphere that creators of the fragrance intended to capture. This fragrance allures with the mystic blend of bright flowers, spices and warm woods.

Composition include: the notes of berries, mandarin, coconut, mimosa, wet honeysuckle, apricot, oud wood, musk, orris, vanilla and warm woods.

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