How to Make Unwashed Hair Look Clean?


Can one look presentable without washing hair every morning? This is possible, and there are some very simple and accessible tips, which will not take you more than 5 minutes.


You probably know why we are against daily shampooing in the morning.

  • Even after drying, moisture remains in the follicles, or the pores of the scalp. When exposed to cold air or wind, we can get sick.
  • Frequent washing leads to complete disorientation in the oil balance of the scalp.
  • Most girls like the way their hair feels the day after washing. Such hair is very “obedient”.

1. Refresh

If you have spent the previous night at a party, in a bar or in a stuffy room, the next morning you will be accompanied by the smell or just a personal feeling of lack of freshness. To restore confidence in your appeal and hide the smell, do not forget about hair fragrance. The normal perfume for the skin will not be suitable. It is preferable to have special perfumed hair spray for this purpose. This product absorbs bad odors, refreshes the curls and gives them a fresh and invigorating appearance for a long time. And it does not dry the hair as a usual alcohol-based fragrance.

2. Clean without washing

For this purpose, there is a dry shampoo. Many people do not know how to use this product, so they do not feel all the advantages it can provide. It’s time to change the situation. Dry shampoo is needed in the cold season. There are some techniques that will help you use the dry shampoo:

  • Do not brush dirty hair before applying dry shampoo. If you do this, you will distribute oil throughout the length of the hair and it will complicate hair cleaning.
  • Do not spray the dry shampoo very close to the hair roots. Hold the bottle with dry spray at the minimal distance of 15 cm from the hair. Otherwise the powder will be visible on the hair; it will be difficult to comb, and the hair will look heavy.
  • Let the dry shampoo soak before you do a hairstyle, the product needs at least 10 minutes for this.
  • If you mix powder for hair and dry shampoo (in the 1:1 ratio), you will get a good product that will absorb all the fat and simultaneously add hair volume.
  • If dry shampoo is suddenly over, and you need to leave the house, try to powder the hair roots with a bit of translucent powder. Do it in the same way as you powder the face: with a wide fluffy brush.

3. Hairstyle

If the hair length allows, any variety of braids will become the most successful hairstyle for dirty hair. “Fish-tail”, the French braid, waterfall braid or Russian braid – all these hairstyles help conceal greasy strands. Besides, putting clean hair in a braid is not the easiest thing: there appear unruly strands and protruding hairs.

A good way to hide greasy hair is to do an unusual hairstyle. That is, if you wear a side parting on one side, comb it on the opposite side. If you have a straight parting, try the variant with side parting.

Such styling products as dry air conditioning or nutritious hair oil will be helpful. They smooth the hair and add shine. This could be an interesting solution for the people with dirty hair that is not very greasy, but has a lot of unruly and broken strands. Keep the product away from the roots – apply it only onto the ends or the middle of the hair.

Another useful styling means is salt spray. Apply it directly on the dirty hair to get an interesting effect of the “beach wave”, which can easily disguise greasy hair and stale smell.

4. Clean your hair in the evening

If you are trying to cope with dirty hair in a few minutes before leaving the house – such a strategy is unlikely to work. Try to act long before. Namely in the evening. Before going to bed, collect the hair in a loose beam and sprinkle it with spray and dry shampoo. The next morning you will wake up with bulky hair and without a trace of fat on the roots.

If your hair is curly, use a dry shampoo for curly hair; it renews the strands and curls them again without making them heavier.

5. Wash the hair partially

This technique relates to bangs that can be washed very quickly in the morning. The main thing is to act superficially, that is, without massaging the scalp so that the hair dryer could dry it completely. Another tip is to remove the rest of the hair with an elastic band or a bandana, and then you will cope with partial washing in a matter of seconds.

And finally, there is the advice from makeup artists: they believe that the bright lipstick or dramatic eyeliner draw attention to the face, thus masking the shortcomings of hairstyling.