Beauty Tips from Emma Bunton


Former member of the Spice Girls band, Emma Bunton is one of the hottest contemporary moms, and she keeps pleasing her fans with her appearance and songs. The singer has already turned 38, but she can still call herself beautiful and sexy, impressing everyone with her radiant smile. What is the secret of the charming “spice girl”?


  • Emma has a good figure due to running regularly, which is known to be very invigorating. Three times a week she diligently exercises on a treadmill; as a result, she has not only a toned body, but a good mood as well.
  • She also admits that she no longer wants to lose weight. The “spice girl” does not want to starve while dieting because she loves her body and feels comfortable in it, even with a couple extra pounds. Taking into account that her husband is a chef, she will anyway fail to do so.
  • She has never had any plastic surgery and is just afraid of it, fearing that something may go wrong.
  • Emma is not afraid of experimenting and is willing to admit that sometimes she fails to succeed. Her worst experience in the field of beauty is a permanent hairstyle. When she was 14-15 years old, she was sitting in the bathroom, applying everything she could find on her own hair, trying to straighten it. Bunton advises to rely on professional help before using hair straighteners for the very first time as they can harm your hair in unskilled hands.
  • Emma almost had not used facial creams, until she was 30 years old. She says that one should not begin to rejuvenate the skin before the time comes.
  • The singer admits that going to a spa salon is the best way to indulge herself. Sometimes she likes to feel pampered and go somewhere for the professionals to take care of her. At home Emma adores taking baths for her own recreation.
  • Emma is not afraid to be an ordinary woman. She says she is growing, moving forward and progressing, but still she buys clothes in cheap stores and does not feel being a star.
  • Bunton loves it when it’s simple. In the morning, she always washes and cleanses the skin; in the evenings she uses wet wipes to remove makeup. Recently she has started to use the night regenerating cream for the skin around the eyes before going to bed.
  • And finally: Emma advises to always smile and stay in a good mood, no matter what happens! Perhaps this is the secret of the star’s attractiveness.