How to Get Rid of Freckles


The brightest freckles are found in young adults, usually having blonde and especially red hair. The skin tends to freckle in spring and summer, but as fall comes and winter approaches, they turn pale and disappear. The color and brightness of freckles, however, depend not only on the color of your hair and skin, but also on how long and intensely your skin is exposed to sunlight.


Anti-Freckles Diet

In spring, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin C such as fruit, green onion, red or black currant juice, sauerkraut and wild rose tea. Vitamin C makes the skin less sensitive to sunbeams.

Whitening Masks against Freckles

Skin care masks have a positive cosmetic effect, too. You can make them with handy ingredients (tomatoes, currant, strawberry, radish, apples), using one or several components. Whatever berry or vegetable you are going to use, you first need to remove their seeds and then mash or grate them. Grate the radish, add several drops of vegetable oil and mix everything well. Use the following application method. Fold a gauze napkin in half or in thirds, put the paste on it, apply and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. Apply a cold pack to finish.

Cucumber Mask to Get Rid of Freckles

Cucumber facial masks are very popular. Grate cucumbers, apply a paste to face, cover with a gauze napkin and leave it on for 20 minutes (you can use thin slices or cucumber skin instead). Wipe leftover moisture off with paper napkins to finish. You can also make facial masks with milk, cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream, vegetable oil, eggs and berries, starch and vegetables.

How to Bleach the Freckled Skin

If you need to bleach, smooth or refresh you skin, try facial masks made with black currant leaves, sorrel, elder leaves and elder-berries or rowanberry, lemon or horseradish juice mixed with sour cream or sour milk (1 tablespoon per 1 tablespoon of paste or leaves juice). Parsley juice helps bleach the skin, too (finely chop parsley, pour boiling water in, strain and let cool; wash your face with the mixture 2-3 times a day).

Bleaching Masks Application Rules

You should apply facial masks regularly, 2-3 times a week and preferably in the evening (15-20 masks in total). Don’t forget, that you won’t get bleaching effect right away. You may additionally use bleaching creams daily in the evenings (15-20 applications in total).

Pigmented Spots on Skin

All mentioned skin care remedies also work for women whose skin shows brown pigment spots in spring. Be careful about overbleaching, though, as it leads to premature withering of the skin and makes your face look unnatural, as if powdered with chalk.


  1. Hey guys, im wit u all.. well those who hate there freckles! u see the girls wit there gorgeous golden EVEN tans, and my face is just coverd in freckles! somebody once said to me instead of trying to get rid of ur freckles go on the sunbed and they will join together so it will look like you have none at all.. so i went on the sunbed lots! and all that happend is they all got bigger without joining up.. and some went like black! its hidious.. the only reason i wear so much makeup is because of them!

  2. I’ve had freckles all my life, and although I definitely wasn’t a fan of my pale skin/reddish hair/freckle combination as a child, I’ve come to learn that freckles can actually be very sexy (you may not believe if now, but I’ve learned that many, MANY guys find actually find freckles quite attractive).

    Some of what you think you hate about your skin may not be your freckles at all. Often, it is the pale skin that tends to come with freckles that is embarrassing for people who want to look like they’ve spent some time outdoors. You can always lessen the appearance of your freckles AND give your skin a more even, sunkissed look though by getting a tan. By tan, I mean a SUNLESS tan! Tanning beds are just like the sun… not only are they dangerous for fair skin, but they are also likely to increase the color of your freckles like the sun does. If you really want to decrease the appearance of your freckles, get a good spray tanner and apply it every 10-12 days or so. Just make sure you test the color of the tanner on your skin first… there are many fantastic tanning sprays out there, but there are also some not so good tanners that will turn your skin orange if you are not careful.

  3. Wow, reading these posts really made me think about how much I hated my freckles when I was younger (and also reminded me a lot of my insecure 16-year-old sister). Luckily I grew out of that phase. Learning to love yourself is part of getting older, I suppose, and loving myself meant accepting my freckles, red hair, and all the other things that made me different. To fade them a little, I get spray tanned, and it does look great. But girls…remember this: Different=Special=Hot Guys love it. No, you will never be the tan, blonde, whatever that you envy right now, but own that shit. You are beautiful. Confidence will get you way more attention than any of that crap anyway.

  4. omgg, i have heaps of freckles on my face i hate them so much!!! im 16 and i feel so insecure about themm, i cannot go out ANYWHERE without loads of makeup covering them because i look so pale and freckly, its nottt attractive,, 🙁 and then the makeup looks funny cos i have so much on and shit, its horrible, but i actually look gross without makeup, so im so insecuree.. . ive tried lemon juice a couple of times,, hasnt worked, maybe cos i need to try for longer.. but i read this good one.. you mix 2 tbs of vinegar, 2 tbs of lemon juice and 1 tbs of honey.. and put it on your face for 15 mins.. then wash off. im trying it currently,. hope this helps

  5. OH 4 ALL THAT IS MERCY I HAVE THESE IMPERFECTIONS ON MY FACE!!!! ugh!,for ppl who have this trust i’ve been made fun off before,and ima brunnette(in brunetes its VERY rare at my school),and im one of them! :((((((.and besides you VERY rarely see any models with these or cartoon characters besides spongebob! well,if you have dry skin and have them try this: if you put mayo. on your skin and wait 15-20 mins,and rinse of with warm water and do it everyday they’ll go Away(you may feel tingling on your skin wen u try it).im 14 yrs old and im an amber eyed girl. bye bye!

  6. I have had freckles all my life One horrible thing is you will never ever really get rid of them… BUT there is HOPE, I have tried everything and the one thing that works is any PRODUCT with hydroquinone in it. It fades the freckles dractistically… You can buy it at any chemist. My little sister in law just used it and is sooo happy with the results to. Now you have to use for a period of 6 weeks constantly. NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN without sunblock and only use it for a short period of time as long use will eventually destroy your skin…. JOHN PLUNKETT’S superfade cream is what i reccommened to alot of my friends, but any will work if the have hydroquinone in it.

  7. Oh common no one has posted anything? comon freckles suck so bad, im 15 and ive had 1 girlfriend (never kissed a girl) I mean i have a lot of friends but it’s a turn off for girls. i just want to get rid of them I don’t care if i turn pale white (i actually want this). please email me if you have a good teqniuque that has worked for you.

  8. I am over 40 and only learnt about using sunscreen in the last 10 years, and now religiously use it on my face everyday and will be vigilant on my body this summer. I have noticed that they do fade over time if you take action to make sure you don’t get anymore. So wear factor 30 sunscreen on your face and body everyday and a hat and you will notice an improvement. Also to the writer who said love who you are – so true! Celebrate your uniqueness and someone will think you’re adorable but only if you love who you are first. Negativity can ruin your life and turn people off. Attract all the good things in life through a happy, positive attitude. Noone is perfect, everybody has faults be it physical, mental, emotional incapacity, meanness, and everyone has strengths/things that really stand out for good reasons. I’m sure you’re all just fine the way you are. Please don’t be so hard on yourselves just because of your freckles..

  9. i brought blemishfree and you spray it on the freckles and they turn into a scab then after a wk the scab comes off along with the freckles and their gone! its great! stings abit but so worth it! its 100 for the kit and removed about 30 freckles and moles for me

  10. I’m just going to throw this out there, but freckles are absolutely the sexiest thing a woman can have. Wanting to get rid of them is fucking stupid.

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