Beautiful Pictures of Alaskan Nature

Alaska – though it’s the largest U.S. state, it is sparsely populated. Similar to Antarctica: the fewer people, the more beautiful the nature, this is why I decided to share some beautiful pictures of Alaskan nature with you. Long ago Alaska belonged to the Russian Empire, but 1867 it was sold for $7.2 million (converted to the “current dollars” the price was $102 million), well, it can be said, that Alaska was given as a gift. I’ve never been to Alaska, but I’m sure, it’s beautiful. I think, you will agree with me, when you see these wonderful pictures.

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Alsek River Valley, Alaska

Range Denali Nation

Icebergs Glacier bay Natio

Temperate Rainforest Cordo

Naknek Lake Katmai Nationa

Trumpeter Swans, Copper River Delta

Glacial Icebergs Icy Bay

Willow Lake, Mount Wrang

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