Cottage Cheese – the Healthy Facts

Healthy Cottage CheeseCottage cheese is often called an essential component of healthy and adequate nutrition. This product is considered to be a diet food, on the other hand, however, people from any age group can benefit from consuming it. You bet! Consider this information: 17% in it are proteins, 18% – fat, and 2.5% is lactose. In addition to those components we have Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Magnesium.

Health Benefits for Children and Pregnant Women

The elements listed above are required not only for kids, when they grow and as their teeth develop, but for pregnant women as well. Interesting enough, cottage cheese helps treat fractures, diseases of blood making organ, rachitis, heart conditions, kidney diseases and many others.

Amino Acids in Cottage Cheese

Besides, the proteins found in cottage cheese are rich in valuable amino acids – methionine and choline. The second one replaces animal made proteins, even in people for whom those proteins are contraindicated. By the way, cottage cheese is easily digested.

Don’t Eat Too Much Cottage Cheese

Regardless of the entire set of good properties, abusing cottage cheese consumption is not a good choice since the product contains quite a bit of animal fats, which can accumulate and clog up the renal ducts. Thus, it is better to buy non-fat cottage cheeses and consume no more than 0,4 lbs (about 200 grams) a day.

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