Can a Pregnant Woman Consume Alcohol?

Pregnant WomanMany pregnant women wonder, whether they can take strong drinks during the pregnancy. If so, how much of alcohol is allowed for them. As it turns out, a woman bearing a child under her heart has to trust her own intuition regarding the alcohol consumption during the expectancy period. Researchers still vary in their views on the topic.

Pregnant Women Should Exclude Alcohol from Their Diet

The specialists at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine state, that women should completely exclude alcohol from their diet during pregnancy, since alcohol consumption can put the life of the child in danger as it facilitates development of the Fetus Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Children with the syndrome are known to have low IQs, disturbed attention and various physical abnormalities. The American, South African, and Scandinavian scientists support this point of view. In the course of studying the question they concluded that those women who consume alcohol during the pregnancy have increased possibility of bearing diseased fetus.

Drinking Wine Is Healthy for Pregnant Women

The scientist from the British Health Care opposed this point of view. They noted that the results of the above noted studies were publicized by the governments when pursuing the anti-alcohol politics. This fact signifies, that the conclusions made by the scientists at that time are not necessarily valid. In fact, the British believe that wine is good for pregnant women if reasonably consumed. According to them, a pregnant woman can have no more than two glasses of wine per week. Only the woman and her physician can decide for themselves which of the scientists are correct.

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