How to Get Natural Hair Color Back?


How to Get Natural Hair Color Back?All older-aged women have always dreamed of a beauty product that could give the hair back its youthful look. But what we yearn for is more than simply hair dyes to conceal sings of aging. In fact, we want grey hair never appear. Scientists from the University of Manchester and Luebeck University in Germany claim they can now offer a remedy for grey hair after they conducted a number of successful lab experiments.

Hormone to Give Hair Color Back

Our hair turns grey with age because of decreased activity of melanocytes – cells that produce a color pigment. Ralf Paus’ team created a hormonal drug (known as K(D)PT) which restores natural color of hair. In a lab, scientists managed to restore grey and even white hair to its original color (hair samples were taken from women aged between 46-65 years who undergo facelifts). Actually, it doesn’t matter if your hair is grey or white to give it original color back, according to scientists. If further tests prove to be successful, dermatologists think they could integrate this drug into shampoo formulas as a hair coloring agent.

Shampoo against Grey Hair

There are still many buts. First, it will take a lot of time to produce a finished product. Second, the scientists were able to restore the color of pre-treated strands to mimic aging. Although they are sure their magic drug will do the same job for “natural” hair, you can’t be absolutely certain that the original color will be restored. Perhaps, as with hair dyeing, we’ll have to apply “anti-grey hair shampoo” periodically.

Drug for Hair Color

The article on this discovery published in British Journal of Dermatology says this breakthrough drug can help not only men and women who don’t want to look old but also those who lost their hair because of post-inflammatory processes.


  1. A shampoo would be much better than dyeing my hair once a month. I’ve had grey hair since my late 20s and have to dye it really often. In a couple of days after the procedure the grey roots are seen again. This is terrible.

  2. Maybe soon it will be possible to somehow add this hormone to shampoos to make your hair have the color you want instead of dyeing. This would be great.

  3. looking forward to the day when such a product is available, would have thought in this day and age that we would have had the knowledge and technology to have come up with something.

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