Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Grey HairGrey hair is a common sign of aging. Our hair turns grey because the pigment cells in the hair die. As a rule, we go grey gradually. The color of hair changes from grey when there is still some pigment in hair to silvery white when pigment disappears completely. Stresses at any age may cause premature grey hair. It suggests that our nervous system plays role in the pigment formation.

Premature grey hair shows you need to strengthen your overall health, especially your nervous system. In this case, vitamins B2, B6, B1 and PP can help.

The B-vitamins deficiency weakens the nervous system and overall metabolism, which influences the nourishment of hair and pigment formation in its turn. Lack of vitamin B2 causes disorders in the pigment formation process. Vitamin PP is essential for the nervous system as well as for proper hair and skin metabolism. Finally, pantothenic and para-aminobenzoic acids promote hair growth and the formation of hair pigment.

Therefore, if you want to avoid premature grey hair, get more of these vitamins and keep stress away.

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