3 Home Remedies for Pimples


Each year the global pharmaceutical industry produces more and more new products to treat acne. However, before you spend the money to buy expensive drugs, try to improve your skin with simple home remedies.


Acne is a very common problem, and they appear at the time when you least expect them. Most commonly, acne are seen in people with oily skin because of the amount of sebum, which it produces. There are very simple ways to remove acne, including lifestyle changes, which are not expensive or too complicated. Here are some home recipes that have proven effective.

Milk and nutmeg

A mixture of milk and nutmeg allows you to create a kind of paste that can be applied to the place where acne appears. This paste helps to dry oily skin; it also contributes to a more rapid disappearance of acne due to its antiseptic properties. Daily use of the composition causes notable changes in the skin, you should definitely notice them during the week.


Chop the cucumber to a paste and then apply this composition on the face. Leave it for about 40 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Cucumber not only smells good, it also helps prevent acne, so include this mask into your daily regime of facial care procedures. Of course, if your skin is prone to acne.

Mint juice

Mint juice works wonders with the skin. It is perfect for removing acne. Apply mint juice all over the face and leave it for 30 minutes. It is recommended to wash it off with warm water. Do not leave the juice on the face for more than half an hour and rinse the face thoroughly because it can dry up the skin.