6 Things Making Men Unsure


You know how it is: the things that feel important to you are disregarded by men. You can easily remember the one who couldn’t care less about his dusty shoes, and the one who practically flaunted wearing mismatched clothes? Come to think of it, if we got busy writing up everything men are apt to neglect, we will come up with an unbelievably long list!


But it is not complete. True, in some things they are pretty unassailable – inviting our between-girls comments about men being dumb, almost completely devoid of dress taste, and vulgar. Well, men can do with some roughing up. And there are some weak points where you can get at them. Here are – if you must know – some of the things they are sure to flinch at.

A car that’s shabby and creaky

While the man drives around on his own, he may overlook a few spots of rust that sprang up here and there. With his male friends in the car, no-one’s likely to make a big deal of seats that have grown too springy or the fan belt emitting very quaint sounds. But it gets oh so different when you climb in – all those far-from-perfect trifles begin to acquire a sinister meaning of his negligence, unsocial attitude and, probably, impecunious situation. What if you notice all these automobile remissions – would you think all the worse of the owner?

A relative that goes overboard

When you come over to his place, his family and relatives are there, and there may be somebody he can’t change: elderly family members who are so outspoken that it borders on insults, uncles who won’t let anyone else put a word in the edgeways, or a cousin with a political bias as heavy as a ball and chain. He didn’t mean to set them at you, but there was no avoiding your exposure. Now the worst happened, and he’s dying to know if you are going to put it against him.

The protruding stomach

There was a time when he had a fine-shaped six-pack stomach, but you didn’t know him way back then. Now he’s let himself grow a bit flabby, but it’s nothing irreparable – of course, you can shoot disapproving glances at it, but have faith in him: now that you are around, he will set it right soon enough. So, if you can forget about all these fleshy parts of his body, do him a favor.

Showing himself lacking in cultural veneer

Do you find his responses grossly inadequate when you turn the conversation into the realms of art, or wish to discuss your far-reaching travels? Chances are, he is unable to support this kind of conversation, and trying hard to slip through the precarious subject without losing face. Then it’s up to you to decide whether it doesn’t diminish his charms or he is losing his points fast.

Missing the point when his mane turns into a shag

Oh, that’s too bad! Especially when trimming always comes a week later than it is really due…

Finally, the hairy back!

Mostly, it doesn’t hurt anyone – besides, it’s a pain in the derriere to get rid of! So, little wonder he did nothing towards having a smooth back. Then again, there may be a chance you will like it?