Zac Efron Proposed to Vanessa Hudgens to Please Her Mother


Zac Efron and Vanessa HudgensZac Efron, 21, has proposed to his girlfriend and “High School Musical” colleague Vanessa Hudgens, 20, to make her mother happy. Gina Hudgens reportedly was unhappy about her daughter living with Zac out of marriage. She is a conservative woman and Zac found himself under constant pressure that he is supposed to treat Vanessa as “honest woman”.

21-year old Zac supposedly proposed to Vanessa while they were on holiday in Japan in January. The couple lived in Vanessa’s mansion in California, though Zac bought a house in Hollywood last December. Probably, the couple will get married next year. They hit it off together well and Gina already considers Zac as family member.

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  1. They’ve been together three years solid already and haven’t let the paps know too much about their love life; i think they will manage.

  2. they are a great couple and have been going out for almost 4 years so i think that the mariagge will work out.

  3. I think they fit together well and will be together FOREVER!!! Forget about age , if they both fell like the other is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with let them get married!!! Who gives the Shit?

  4. I totally agree. When I married to my childhood sweetheart, I first felt it was too soon. But it felt just right. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fuck him? I just couldn’t wait! Mike Newton couldn’t…satisfy my needs. I send my best wishes to the happy couple and I hope Zac is just as good as Eddie in bed. Better run! I’m feeling horny again!

    and Jacob is a pedo!

  5. I think that they are way too young as well! And what were they doing living together as teenagers before anyway? I think it’s just plain wrong and a bad influence to those younger children who are obsessed with high school musical, vanessa and zac.

  6. well it just sounds like his mothers kind of pressured him? i mean im sure they think the world of each other but he kind of just went with the first co-start he worked with. i’m damn sure he could get better than Vanessa if he gave other people a try. also if Vanessa said to the press assuming possibilities of Zac being gay how could he trust her?

  7. i agree… if 2 people fall for each other, age’s not a problem… so? some people marry each other with one 10 yrs older than the other!!! who cares about those f***ing age?

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