Suri Cruise Is Forbidden to Communicate with Regular Children


Tom Cruise‘s and Katie Holmes’s three-year-old daughter Suri is allowed to communicate only with children who are brought up according to the scientology teaching – a religion on which Tom is completely fixed. Contacts with other children are limited to the very minimum.
Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
Some say, that Suri never plays with children from her dance classes. Katie picks her up immediately after the practices. She never stays with her dance friends before or after the classes since her parents prefer that Suri does not play with children unless they are scientologists. She does not play with other children much and therefore is quite happy to spend time with her dolls imagining that she is their nanny.

Regardless of this relative isolation, Suri always has something to do; in addition to dance classes she also takes French and Spanish classes, and is learning to play piano and violin.

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