Do You Like Shakira's New Haircut?


Was it Barcelona or boyfriend that inspired Shakira to go bangs? Anyway, she’s had things done to her hair, and you can see the difference on her Twitter page since Tuesday.

Shakira Bob Haircut

People who have been on the scene say that Shakira stopped by the Jordi Ripoll salon that was open for her only and stayed inside for six hours and more. First, she had her hair shortened by several inches, after which she went for a sharp bob a little akin to the one Katy Perry is sporting. Having gotten rid of long strands that she had been wearing for a while, she definitely looks renovated!

Shakira has new hair style

Having created herself anew the singer uploaded her photo to Twitter and headed for her boyfriend’s apartment. What her boyfriend Gerard Pique thinks about her new looks is not known, but your opinions are welcome))


  1. NO she is as ugly as all hell, it musta been her hair that made her look so pretty before cus her looks arent that good with short hair

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