New Mademoiselle Chanel Ad with Keira Knightley


Hardly had Keira Knightley gone through with Blake Lively’s handbag campaign when Chanel had another commission pat for her – an appearance in a teaser clip advertising the Mademoiselle scent.

Keira Knightley for Chanel ad

The video commercial, scheduled to be available on Chanel’s website since March 21, was directed by Knightley’s collaborator from the days of the shooting of Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright.

The Curse of the Black Pearl star shared that she had had no inkling of what she will have to do and wear in the 40-second video, just the barest facts. We will see her in the company a stunning guy with a motorcycle nearby, sporting a beige catsuit. She confessed that the image she cut was “completely unexpected” for her, but she did her best to play a Chanel woman heroine.

Chanel obviously think she succeeds in that, for it is Knightley’s fourth year in the Mademoiselle fragrance adverts since she replaced Chanel’s previous face, Kate Moss, back in 2007. Moss is now Dior’s star for their Addict beauty line.

Source of the image: Luxpresso.