Madonna Called Guy Ritchie Emotionally Retarded


Madonna and Her In vain we hoped for a quiet and peaceful divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. From the first moment of the official announcement of their break-up it was obvious that this was just the beginning of their battle. Up till now Madonna was the one leading it. Just a few hours after the official divorce announcement Madonna appeared on stage in Boston with the presentation of her new song: “This song is for emotionally retarded people. You might know a few people who fall into that category. God knows I do.”

Alongside with this reproach in address to we all know who, we can recall a story which took place three years ago when Madonna fell from a horse and got herself seven fractures. At that moment it was clear that they would get divorced sooner or later. Madonna was suffering from a lot of pain, while Guy acted rather cold to her and his only comment was that she was a strong woman and would recover soon. Madonna never expected such indifference from her own husband. She could have died in that accident.

Surely, with the divorce flying in the air we still could not expect Madonna to break her tour. Yet, with the sharp comments she made in public it is obvious that the divorce is not going to be a peaceful one. Madonna and Guy did not get into hot arguments over money, yet they still have not reached common solution to the question on where their children will grow up and study.

Madonna with Her Kids, 2005

Madonna wants her children to live with her in New York, while Guy insists on them staying in London. The idea of getting separated with Rocco upsets Guy as well as the fact that the boy will probably grow up to be an “American” and will lose all the connections with the traditions of Ritchie family. Family Law experts believe that Madonna will probably wish to take her kids to the USA for permanent residence; British authorities will most likely permit such action from her side since she has lived in the USA for the most part of her life. In addition, courts generally do not favour separation of siblings after the divorce of their parents and usually support the mother’s side.

Guy still refuses to comment on the divorce but as his colleagues from the shooting of “Sherlock Holmes” note that he tries to escape from the difficulties of his current situation by devoting himself more and more to work. The information about the divorce was quite a news for the filming crew, but they admit knowing all along about the conflict between the spouses. Now Guy feels somewhat relieved since he no longer has to pretend as if everything is great. At the same time, as for Guy himself, not much has changed in his life since the divorce was officially announced, except probably for the part of greater number of flashes pointing in his direction.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Some rumors say that Madonna can not forgive Guy the fact that he insisted on starting the divorce process before her tour was finished. For the next couple of months the two will communicate mainly through their lawyers. As for the friends of Madonna-Richie family, they have some hard decisions to make, since they have to show support to one of them, but not to both. Madonna asked those close to her to make up their mind whose side to support as she wants to avoid information leakage about the strategies and actions her lawyers will take.

And here’s a short video about the situation in Madonna’s family.

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