Lynne Spears Released a Book about Britney Spears


Lynne SpearsBritney Spears’ mom, Lynn, has already published her book titled “Through the Storm” where she reveals the truth about her daughter. Britney Spears got friendly with alcohol at the age of 13, when she was part of the teenage show “Mickey Mouse Club”. While she was believed to be a virgin for quite a long time, in reality she lost her virginity when she was 14. Her partner was a very popular boy from the school’s football team.

Lynn admits that she encouraged her daughter to date the most handsome fellow in her school, regardless of the fact that he was older than Britney. Yet, mom says that right now she regrets it but notes that back then she could not even imagine that things would go this way.

Spears discovered drugs for herself when she was 15. Mom remembers the shock that the family was in when their daughter was caught playing with cocaine and marijuana inside a private aircraft.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Lynn also confessed allowing her daughter to spend nights out with Justin Timberlake while the public was told that her daughter was keeping her virginity. The truth about Britney’s sex life was revealed by Timberlake back in 2003. In response to this confession back then, Spears announced that she was planning to merry the guy and agreed for intimacy only because of that. According to the mother’s words, even this confession from Britney was a complete lie. It is unknown if Timberlake knew about his forerunner.

Britney Spears

Lynn Spears says that she regrets entrusting her daughters’ fate into the hands of her promoters who exploited her attractiveness and presented her as a sex-object. The mom also regrets watching her daughter film such revealing promotion videos. But it seems that her daughters’ life gradually starts taking the right path after she went through a number of unhappy failures. The family can finally be at rest.

Britney Spears

Lynn brings her apologies for failing to shield her daughter from bad influence, for stopping to control her, and for letting managers turn Britney into a sex-object in such an early age. She believes that this was the leading factor in Britney’s issues.

Through the Storm – Lynn Spears about Britney Spears

The breaking book should already be released.

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